Seamless accounting for the print room

Thursday, 17th March, 2016

If you are a Print Room manager or have responsibility for workflow through a Reprographics department, you will be well aware of the challenges of accounting and charging for various aspects of the job especially when your organisation has a range of different accounting systems for department and print/copy charging.

AIT has recently worked with a number of organisations to help streamline the billing capabilities for their print-room environments. We have unified various solutions including docQmanager and Pcounter to provide a seamless experience for both the Print Room and end-users.

Users can upload a file with accompanying job ticket either via a web browser (this can be used by users off-site) or by simply selecting “file and print”, prompting a local job ticket to be automatically loaded.

The job ticket can be customised as per the organisation’s requirements with the relevant print options being made available at costs designated by an administrator. The user receives real-time job calculations based on the options selected.

Submitted jobs arrive in the Reprographics management portal from which all documents will be managed with the end-user receiving updates once the job is ready. The management portal allows the Print Room to easily assess their current workload and plan their schedule accordingly.

Should it be required, the OneQ solution, can act like a universal driver with in-built intelligence to apply print rooms options – see below.

Advisory and Mandatory rules can be applied – e.g. at 50 pages, users can be advised of cost-savings if their job is submitted to the Print Room however they can still print to the local printers; at 75 pages, users must submit via the Print Room and are presented only with job ticketing options.

Once the job has arrived in the Management portal, a variety of features helping increase Repro productivity and efficiency are available including:  

  • Hold & release – simple drag and drop to easily allocate jobs to devices enabling print jobs to be prioritised maximising printer utilisation and productivity
  • Load balancing – automatically send jobs to the first available printer
  • Clustering – jobs can be automatically split across several printers increasing the speed at which a job can be printed. This is especially useful for large jobs which are time critical
  • Automated print workflow – jobs can be auto-routed according to pre-set criteria such as job information details and printer status

 All transactional logs will be imported into the Pcounter database allowing centralised reporting against, device, user and department, across the entire fleet from within Pcounter. Additionally the traditional Pcounter accounting functionality can then be used to charge for work carried out, bill to a department or cost code or even create invoices for 3rd parties – how simple is that?

If you would like to learn more about how we can help create seamless accounting for your print room please give us a call on 0113 273 0300 or email us at