Great building management with access control

Friday, 26th February, 2016

Building management can be a bit of a headache, so using systems that make life easy, enhance the safety and security of your premises but are simple to manage are an attractive proposition. You also want solutions that are scalable and will work with existing systems whether that is your CCTV or fire alarms. Regardless of what sector your business is in there is a need to protect staff, students, buildings and perimeters.

In the education sector, the need to safeguard pupils is high on their agenda which includes ensuring only those who are authorised can gain entry. ID cards are commonly used by schools, colleges and universities and are given to most staff and students. These cards can contain access rights allowing the card holder to enter only the rooms and areas they are entitled to go in, so no more year 7’s in the 6th form block. The benefits of a good access control system extends beyond safeguarding and can include:

  • Manage visitors
  • Protect assets
  • Car park barrier control
  • Cashless catering
  • Print management
  • Booking PC’s
  • Emergency lock down of rooms
  • Anti-pass back options

Health care is another important area where security is at the forefront of their minds with a need to protect patient’s private and confidential information, equipment andsecure access to rooms that are not for public use such as operating theatres as well as monitor who is entering buildings and when and where they go. A flexible access control solution will also offer the ability to lock down drugs cabinets so only the staff on duty and who are authorised to dispense can open them. Door handles coated with antimicrobial silver ion, will stop up to 99.99% of microbes on door handles, a brilliant tool to halt the spread of germs in hospitals. Energy saving devices could also be deployed and linked to the access control system and play their part in energy reduction policies.

In the corporate world and in particular the financial sector an integrated access control solution offers many benefits. Whether it is for a large bank or tiny accountant firm, access control will help protect financial and other sensitive information. Staff can be protected behind doors that are only able to be opened by someone with the correct access rights. Other rooms such as trading floors, server rooms and other business critical areas can be well protected by ensuring access is given to only those who need it and for  the time they need. By integrating with CCTV any intruder or false entry attempts can be captured on camera and instantly relayed back to the access control management system for appropriate action to be taken.


The ability to add doors as needed is important when selecting an access control solution. You need to ensure that the solution can grow and scale as you do, whether you need to control a handful of entrances at a single site or hundreds across multiple buildings and locations it’s crucial that your solution is scalable across all your buildings and sites.


Can the solution integrate with other systems you already use? You may have already invested in CCTV, fire alarms, catering or print management system and want to protect these investments. So make sure any access control solution you choose offers that flexibility and your security company can provide the integration skills needed to achieve this.

Ensuring that your staff/students are safe, that sensitive documentation and assets are protected, you can restrict access to particular areas, buildings, rooms or resources along with the ability to integrate with existing investments can be achieved will vastly improve your building management and security.

If you are looking for a simple locking system or a complex electronic access management solution that will improve your building security and make building management easier why not give us a call on 0113 270 0300 or alternatively email . If you’re not ready to talk to us why not watch one of our videos they are a great way to learn more about access control

Steve Blake who is our access control specialist often vlogs on all things access control – you can get a taster here