Get more from your access control solution

Monday, 15th February, 2016

Door access is perfect for keeping unwanted visitors out of your premises as well as for protecting your staff and business assets.

It will reduce the threat from intruders and other potential security incidents.  A door access solution puts you in complete control of who enters your building, where they are allowed to go and will provide a record of when they left the building as well. However an access control solution can do more than control just entrance doors.

Restricted access

There will be areas in your building that not everyone will need access to, such as server rooms, staff rooms, laboratories or you may have rooms that can only be entered via a room booking system. A good solution allows you to have this level of granularity for setting access rights, making sure only the right people get into the right rooms at the right time. This ability to restrict access can play its part in your health and safety policy by ensuring only suitable qualified staff can enter areas where, for example, COSHH risks have been identified, or in a hospital environment, only qualified medical staff gain entry to operating theatres or X-Ray rooms.

Full audit trail so you know who is where and when

Another benefit  to consider is the real-time audit trails that are available, these will let you know who is where and when at any given time, and is an efficient way of tracking time-in and time-outs of staff or students. Understanding the flow of people through your building over the course of a day can help improve the management of your building and as well as help you improve the facilities you offer.

Lockers, cupboards and cabinet

Your access control system can also be used to control access to lockers and cabinets. Locker locks provide a high level of security for onsite lockers, cupboards, display cabinets, boxes, and storage cases. Using the hospital example again, the use of locks to restrict and monitor access to medicine cabinets or patient records not only ensures the correct people are assigned rights but also contributes towards effective compliance with relevant legislation.

Gyms and leisure facilities can benefit as well. Most gym members will have an ID card as proof of membership; these cards could be used to access the building or fitness rooms as well as lockers in changing rooms. Rights may be assigned based on membership type – so an off-peak member would only be allowed in the gym during off-peak hours.

And finally, a more unusual use.

With rural crime on the increase, an access control solution can play its part in protecting farm machinery in out buildings or ensure fertilisers are securely stored.  

What's next

As you can see there are many different ways an access control can play its part in providing you with a safer and securer environment.

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