Access Control – which is the right solution for your business?

Thursday, 4th February, 2016

Today the physical security of buildings and premises should be top of the business agenda. It’s important that businesses and educational institutions always know who is in their buildings, where they are in the building, what time they entered and when they left. Most importantly, they should be ensuring only the right people have gained entry.

Having a fully unified system for easy management is also important, so door access is linked to CCTV, fire alarms, car park barriers or building management systems.

But which solution is best for your business? Back in the day access control was pretty simple, not so much now – there are wireless solutions, cloud based options or fully networked systems. There are mobile solutions, a myriad of ways for staff and students to identify themselves, ID cards, fobs, tokens or their mobile phones. So you can be forgiven for not knowing where to start!

SALTO are providers of innovative door access control solutions that can be fully integrated with other security systems to give you the unification you need for effective building security and management. With SALTO you can choose the level of security you need, from a simple self-programmable system that needs no computer to manage it – ideal for a small site with only a few doors – right through to a sophisticated data on card solution – which is where we are going to start.

Data on Card is elegant in its simplicity and designed for use in larger premises. This solution uses a combination of online and offline doors where the card does the updating of the system via SALTO’s Virtual Network (SVN). This system provides excellent value for money; offline doors require no hard wiring so you benefit from significant cost savings and get more doors for your money. To learn more about online and offline doors – click here.

Online wireless, real-time access control –  is a new generation of online access control using battery operated door handles connected via low power radio transceivers which communicate with a gateway (connected via Wi-Fi) to the central management software. This is ideal for businesses that need a real-time access control solution without the need for any wiring.

For those organisations that need 24/7 access control but don’t want staff on premise 24/7, a cloud based solution would be the answer. SALTO’s Clay is a very cost effective option, giving that 24/7 control, which can be accessed via a laptop or mobile app. As access is managed in the cloud, doors can be remotely opened or locked, user rights can be changed or fobs can be blacklisted and all by the press of button from wherever the administrator happens to be. Click here to find out more.

The latest technology allows smartphones to integrate into your access control solution. SALTO’s JustIN mobile key uses the smartphones BLE (Bluetooth low energy) to allow doors to be opened by a smartphone. When combined with the JustIN mSVN (mobile SALTO virtual network) and the phones NFC (near field communication) the smartphone also turns into an update terminal for credentials. This solution is ideal for organisations with a large remote workforce for in places like student halls of residence. You can find our more by clicking here.

No matter what field your business is in or how many buildings make up your estate, taking control of your security is so important, protecting your staff, visitors and business assets. If you would like advice about how we can help you with improving your building security please contact us we would be happy to come along and carry out a security audit free of charge. Call 0113 273 0300 to book a slot or email