Protect more than just people

Monday, 4th January, 2016

Getting more from an access control solution

Protection of wider business assets is a key consideration for most companies regardless of their size; this should form part of their overall security and resilience planning. A good physical access control solution can really add value here and will play a key part of this planning, ensuring not only the safety and security of their building and staff, but of key assets too.

Know your risks

Obviously, it all starts with knowing your risks, deciding what you need to protect and what type of security plans to develop. As a first step a good risk assessment is needed, it doesn’t have to be over complicated but it will focus your mind on security and determine which measures you should adopt.

There will be some obvious things you already have in place, such as insurance policies, fire alarm systems, burglar alarms/CCTV and door access control. Your risk assessment will help you determine if these are fit for purpose, up to date and cover your future needs.

It all starts at the door

We’re going to look in more detail at how your door access system can add real value to your overall security plan. Most security incidents whether it’s a burglary or a terrorist threat will rely on someone being able to physically get through a door to gain entry.

So making sure all your key entry points (including those at the perimeter) are only accessible to those who have the right to enter is the first priority. As part of this you should consider how you would manage visitors/contractors without compromising security, however, a good access control solution should have a module that manages this.

If you use a guard patrol, your access control solution can be used to record where the patrol has been, giving you peace of mind that regular patrols are being carried out and with a full audit trail available, you will be able to quickly see and manage any discrepancies in patrols.

What if some unauthorised person did gain access, or you have staff who you want to restrict from sensitive areas? You should consider extending your door access to internal doors/areas for example, server rooms, management offices, finance areas. By doing this, you are effectively adding in a secondary level of security. For hospitals and drug companies, this may include securing medicine cabinets, equipment rooms, forensic areas or places where chemicals are stored.

You can also add access control to your lifts, strange as this may seem, this can be a big deterrent in stopping unwanted people moving around high rise buildings – not everybody is fit enough to climb up lots of stairs!

And if there was an incident, such as a person with a gun, you can opt to secure your individual rooms so they can be locked down from the inside by putting them in standalone lock down mode until help or an authorised person releases the door once the incident is over.

Integration is the key

You should consider integrating your CCTV with your access control solution for enhanced security, by doing this you will be able to capture false/attempted entries, which will include images of the person, and would be notified instantly to your security team via email or SMS. Another area where integration is valuable is with the fire alarm system, so in the event of fire all doors default to open, allowing for quick evacuation of your building.

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