ProAcccess SPACE web-based access control management software

SALTO's new web-based access control management software, SPACE, brings the next level of management flexibility, efficiency and security to your access control solution. SPACE offers new functionalities along with an easy to manage/use interface.

This new interface helps users find and operate the functions they want quickly and intuitively. You only order the functions you need to manage your building(s) but retain the option to add to the system as your needs change. This gives you the ability to really control your costs and avoids paying for unnecessary elements until you need them. 

Key Benefits

Real-time monitoring

ProAccess SPACE enables you to monitor in real-time not just battery status of if an update is needed but also who accessed what door and when or if a door has been let open.

Integrates with other systems

Using the SALTO Host Interface Protocol enables users to integrate their access control system to other systems such as CCTV or fire alarms all via the same software. This is an additional add on to ProAccess SPACE

Full control

With the linked occupancy feature you can control the maximum number of authorised users. Once your occupancy limited has been met access with be denied to others.

Grows with your business

Only pay of the functionality you need, upgrading to additional features is quick and easy

Key Features


No need to install on all your PCs and updates are automatically deployed and available without any manual upgrades. The software can be managed from multiple workstations simultaneously. SPACE can also be used on Windows-based tablets.


An operator audit trail tracks changes carried out by operators for an additional security layer. Operator security can be enhanced by including operator password protection. Interface alerts can be set to avoid potential set-up conflicts on access plans or changes made.

Easy installation process

The easy installation process includes a powerful SQL engine, protected by SQL authentication or Windows-based authentication. Quick and easy to upgrade and add additional features.

Multi-language support

Multi-language and a configurable interface allows for you specific needs and security rights can be deployed for each different system administrator depending on the business requirements.