Controlled access to your building made simple, reliable and affordable

If you’ve been thinking about improving your door access but are not sure where to start or what you require then AIT’s Access Control Beginner’s Pack is just what you need!

Our access control solution is an elegant combination of online and offline doors all controlled by a powerful virtual network, where the ID cards update the offline doors so you don’t have to! You can start small and expand as needed – it couldn’t be simpler

AIT – Access Control Beginner's Pack

Consisting of:

SALTO Pro Access RW software

  • MS SQL compatible Access Control Management Software for read/write systems for MS SQL Server data bases.
  • RW Pro Access Excellence SQL,
  • up-to 4.000.000 Users,
  • Connect up to 16 online doors,
  • Unlimited wireless/offline doors.

Single entrance point package

  • Online Control unit
  • PSU
  • Internal Wall Reader
  • Single Mag-lock (subject to door type)
  • Push to Exit button
  • Break Glass Unit

ID cards

  • 100 x 1K Mifare cards with single sided colour print including organisations logo and name.

All for £1295 + Installation

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