CardExchange™ Visitor Management lets you improve how you welcome and manage visitors to your organisation

With just a few simple steps it is easy to register, authorise, manage and track visitors. The system helps to reduces reception congestion by streamlining your visitor booking-in process, allowing visitors to pre-register via email if desired. If you have an event, you can manage attendees quickly via the batch check in/out option.

Visitors can be categorised if needed and can choose to self-service register via a touch screen kiosk.

You can also keep your employees safe by creating your own internal watch list. If a visitor is on a watch list this is flagged when the visitor tries to register. The safety of employees and visitors is also made easier with a one-click evacuation report feature that can be printed or emailed to designated individuals or groups.

This visitor management solution provides comprehensive reports such as active, expired, pre-booked visitors or visitor history reports. With the inbuilt card designer, you have all the tools you need to issue visitor passes that are professional and reflect your brand.

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CardExchange Visitor Management Software Overview

Key Benefits

Streamline reception

No more long queues at your reception desk, booking visitors in becomes streamlined with the options for visitors to pre-register via email or on arrival via self service kiosks

Improved Security

Badge expiration and end of day purge features prevent unauthorised re-entry when visitors have either not signed out or have accidentally retained their visitor badge.


With multiple versions on offer you can select the one that best suits your business needs and upgrade as you business requirements grow.

Visitors feel instantly welcome

Greet and book in your visitors in a professional manner ensures a warm and welcoming experience every time.

Cost effective

Choose from single license option or a networked multi license to best suit your business needs.

H&S Compliance

Comply with Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 Act recommendations by having effective evacuation roll call measures in place for emergency situations.

Key Features

Manage unlimited visitors

The solution can manage an unlimited number of visitors so is ideal for those organisations that have a large numbers of visitors

Manage resources

Book rooms for visitors as well as equipment and any refreshments needed without the need for multiple systems

Batch check-in/out

When you hold events or meetings where there will be many guests, you can make their booking in process ultra smooth using the batch check-in or out feature

Self-service registration

Using a stylish touch screen kiosk visitors can self-register following a simple step by step process. Site specific health and safety requirements cans also be displayed and accepted as part of the process

GDPR Compliance

Pop-up allows visitors to give consent to data being held in accordance with your policies and EUGDPR regulations

End of Day Purge

Set individual badge expiration time or purge visitor registrations at end of day