Protect students and staff from web based threats. Using our advanced web security software designed especially for academic institutions.

Web security software in a school, college or university environment is an absolute essential. Protecting your students and staff from harmful or offensive web content is more important than ever, and with safeguarding high on the education agengda it is essential to ensure exposure to online risks is minimised,  our specially designed web security software is ideal for all academic environments.

Having a leading edge web security solution in place can ensure your staff and students have access to the web without the chance of them accessing harmful content. This advanced web security system also ensures any malware or viruses trying to access your internal IT systems are stopped before they reach your network.

Key Benefits

Increased protection

Our advanced web security software, with real time updates and simple integration increases web security for your organisation quickly and easily

Reduced IT costs

A cloud based security solution will reduce IT overheads and free up staff to complete more pressing tasks, increasing business efficiency

No maintenance required

With our cloud based protection there is no maintenance required with real-time updating of web site categorisation

Simple integration

With our web security software, integration with virtually any back-end user/group sub-system is simple to implement and manage

Key Features

Multi-Layer blocking

With our web security software you can enable blocking by site, category, user or by group. Giving you unrivalled levels of control

Centralised web management

Enterprise level web based management of organisational web usage policies. Manage and maintain a web usage policy from a central location

Simple integration

Our system allows for LDAP support and integration with other systems, increasing user convenience and integration levels

Constant monitoring and reporting

Our web security solution monitors and reports on all access and web activity within your organisation. This data can be easily compiled into usable reports

What's Next?