Safeguard your network against malicious links in emails

ClickSMART from FuseMail provides an additional level of security and protection against phising and randsomware attacks. It works by rewriting web links in emails, enabling them to  be rescanned at the time a receipent clicks on the link.

ClickSMART can prevent common zero-day attacks where seemingly innocent emails containing web links pass through spam and virus filters and are delivered as they are perceived to contain no threat. In this type of email the web link becomes 'weaponised' after a brief period and is pointed to a site which can download malicious content to your device or points to a phising site.

By using ClickSMART as an add-on to your SecureSMART email security service you will stop these kind of links ever getting through to the receipents so ensuring the security of your network.


  • Scans URLs in emails
  • Re-writes all web links in emails
  • Blocks URLs which may lead to phising, spoofing or ransomware attacks
  • Reduces security risks
  • Customisable

Watch our video to learn more

ClickSMART - URL Protection from Ransomware and Phishing Attacks