Email archiving, an essential IT tool in an education environment.

Educational institutions such as schools, colleges or universities face many challenges in managing large quantities of email for staff and pupils. Increases in legal compliance have led many educational institutions to implement an email archiving solution in order to comply with modern data protection laws.

Cost compliance is key, and AIT provide a cloud based email archiving solution that is not only cost effective but highly secure. A cloud based email archiving service will reduce the burden on your organisation both monetary and resource wise, without hindering the service, reliability and performance of our email archiving service.

Why you need email archiving

Our email archiving service is a fully managed, web-based service designed to meet and exceed your email archiving needs in an educational setting. The key reasons to employ a cloud based email archiving solution is to better serve your students and of course your staff.

  • All schools must comply with regulations regarding retention, secure storage and accessibility of all email communications
  • Education institutions need to comply with regulations for managing employment records – these records must be kept secure and private, so emails containing sensitive information must be stored
  • Cyber bullying and intimidation is a problem that needs to be addressed and archiving emails in order to monitor incidents can help.

Key Benefits

Quick access to email

With our email archiving service you will be able to quickly find old email communications using instant access e-discovery

Reduce IT headaches

With our cloud archiving solution you will lower time spent on IT issues related to archiving, you will also increase server space internally whilst reducing storage and IT management issues

Easy integration

Our cloud archiving service works with any email filtering software on the market. We just need a few details and we can have your service up and running in no time

Disaster recovery capability

Improve retention of old emails if the worse happens. With our cloud based solution you have access to advanced email mirroring and auto replication tools

Key Features

Full email audit

You will have full protection from malicious conduct by delivering full email audits detailing any unusual activity

Complete email records

A complete record of an organisation’s e-communication to ensure advanced forensic protection and data security

Secure email protection

An encrypted email archive with tamper proof storage ensures complete protection for all of your student and teaching body, giving you peace of mind

Unlimited data storage

We provide an unlimited storage quota allowance for all of our customers, no matter how big your email records are we will store them for you