Email archiving software for businesses. Increase transparency and compliance.

Email archiving is now more important than ever, with the explosive growth of email and increasingly strict e-discovery regulations, email archiving is a critical security requirement. Our email archiving service is a fully managed, web-based service designed to meet and exceed your email archiving needs.

What is email archiving?

Email archiving is simply the preservation of all email to and from an individual or organisation. The email archiving solution we provide will capture all email content either directly from the email or during transmission/transport of the email. These emails are then stored on a secure cloud storage platform where you are able to access them 24/7 and from any point with a network connection.

Why you need to archive your emails

There are many reasons why a business should archive their email, small tweaks to your business management processes will help increase efficiency and productivity and having an easy to access and manage email archiving solution for your business will help you achieve that aim.

Key Benefits

Instant access

With a cloud based email archiving solution you can access your emails in the office or on the move. Increased convenience for all your users

Quick search & restore

Store and document your emails so that they are easy to search when you need to retrieve emails from the archiving solution

Improved performance

Improve server performance by using our hosted email archiving. The software will eliminate PST files reducing reliance on these files

Safe and secure storage

Our cloud based email archiving solution is highly secure meaning no unauthorised access to your confidential email documents

Key Features

Email auditing

Protection from malicious conduct by delivering full email audits on all items. A fully transparent product that audits all email files quickly and efficiently

Complete email records

Our email archiving software can provide a complete record of an organisation’s e-communications to ensure advanced forensic protection and data security

Complete security control

Our hosted email archiving software provides an encrypted email archive with tamper proof storage. Your email records are safely stored with complete access only given to authorised users

Digital fingerprint technology

A complete digital fingerprint can be collated and reported upon, giving you full access to examine any email discrepancies or unauthorised access that may have occured on your internal IT infrastructure

Unlimited storage

We offer a cloud based solution and to increase convenience for you we offer unlimited storage of all your email communication logs. Securely stored and monitored constantly, giving you complete peace of mind

Platform independent

Fully integrated and platform independent - Outlook, Exchange, Lotus Notes, Goggle Apps and compatible with Office 365