Toshiba embedded Vn 2.4.2

Supports embedded Print Release & Copy Accounting on Toshiba e-Studio MFDs

Attention: If for any reasons features do not work propperly in a BETA version, switch back to the latest RELEASE version.

Pcounter Embedded for Toshiba 2.4.2 (20.02.2014)
- jre 7u51
- connector 1.3.0 (fixed bug at card assign)
- fixed bug for accounting of combined copy+scan.
- added wait before QuickPrint starts after login (Config=QuickPrintWait, default = 0).

Pcounter Embedded for Toshiba 2.4.1 (03.06.2013)
- jre 7u21
- connector 1.2.6
- fixed bug at resumejob/releasejob

Pcounter Embedded for Toshiba 2.4.0 (03.05.2013) connector 1.2.5
- added ClientCodePJL. If this is enabled, client codes for print jobs will be added to the job name in PJL header (faster, no need to wait for job started).
- subcodes are now also supported for connector 'releasejob' and 'resumejob'

Pcounter Embedded for Toshiba 2.3.2 (21.01.2013)
- jre 7u11
- fixed bug at print preview
- added debug log messages
Pcounter Embedded for Toshiba 2.3.0 (16.11.2012)
- Apache Tomcat 7.32
- jre 7u9
- Installer: will show error message if Java7 and Tomcat6 is installed. User will be forced to uninstall Tomcat6 and restart installer.
- former ActiveInterface is no longer needed. ActiveInterface is now added to Toshiba install directory. 
- added ActiveInterfaceStopper
- fixed bug at resolving missing traps when converting trapIDs to octect strings.
- added TrapLogger. 
- getJobs: if jobId already exists in registry it will now be removed from registry. Only if keepJob = true then new job will be skipped.
- if print accounting is disabled trap_cc will not be used any more

Pcounter Embedded for Toshiba 2.1.9 (13.07.2012)
- fixed bug at TeamPrint when cn contains comma followed by blank (cn=test\, test,ou=Benutzer...)

Pcounter Embedded for Toshiba 2.1.8 (02.07.2012)
- fixed bug at TeamPrint when cn contains comma (cn=test\,test,ou=Username...)

Pcounter Embedded for Toshiba 2.1.7 (23.04.2012)
- fixed bug on scan accounting for eBridgeX (will now work ;-).

Pcounter Embedded for Toshiba 2.1.6 (11.04.2012)
- connector 1.2.1
- fixed NullPointerException at EWB when MFP doesn't exist in management.
- added CustomFreeQuota for Telefonica. If this is set to true FreeQuota is used as Color Balance. 

Pcounter Embedded for Toshiba 2.1.5 (02.03.2012)
- fixed bug at client code entry when "Client code only from list" is enabled.

Pcounter Embedded for Toshiba 2.1.4 (29.02.2012)
- jre 6u31
- pcounter pro dll nt (2012-02-14)
- reworked missingTrap workflow. 
- fixed bug at print job release with different client codes
- New: clientcodes can be switched on/off seperately for Copy and Print
- New: added numeric client code search (eBx only)
- fixed layout for client code screen
- package naming is now unified to 'ToshibaSetup_latest.exe'

Pcounter Embedded for Toshiba 2.1.3 (13.01.2012)
- jre 6u30
- die to PRO DLL locks all ProDLL call are now using connector.exe. 
- fix bug at remembering copy clientcode when user has changed
- fix bug at TrapAccounting when user has changed

Pcounter Embedded for Toshiba 2.1.2 (31.08.2011)
- jre 6u27
- bug fixe in TeamPrint: if username in uppercase, print jobs were double-displayed
- javascript calcuation bug fixed in job list
- change value bug fixed at initial staturp of management

Pcounter Embedded for Toshiba 2.1.1 (12.08.2011)
- changed login procedure at vd-server. No userRights because of no balance or active jobs will now work. 
- 'select all' and 'print all' button is no longer active when user has no print jobs
- column 'client code' will only be shown when client codes are enabled or one print job has client code assigned
- added confirm remove for LDAP servers
- changed filename for postscript preview module to gswin32c.exe (was gsc.exe)
- reworked balance, free quota and limit entry for ldap server
- added new LDAP_pcounter_embedded_eB-X.xml and USER_ROLE_pcounter_embedded_eB-X.xml to installer 
- fixed bug: subcode was missing for print jobs. 

Pcounter Embedded for Toshiba 2.0.4 (12.07.2011)
- fixed: SNMPMode change at user login 
- fixed bug where print preview could be called for empty rows
- removed log level info
- changed userRights for eBridgeX. Card assignment and userRights will now work. 

Pcounter Embedded for Toshiba 2.0.3 (04.07.2011)
- added trial extension.
- vd-server: added userrights attribute (same value as user_rights) for eBridgeX. 

Pcounter Embedded for Toshiba 2.0.2 (21.06.2011)
- jre 6u26
- system user will be used for traps without username
- added fax accounting (for trap only). FaxSend=FAX; FaxSendReport=PRINT,user=system; FaxReceive=PRINT,user=fax_received, FaxReceiveReport=PRINT,user=system
- fix scan accounting (for trap only)
- changed community from public to private for all SNMP requests (beside status requests)
- card reader will now also work on eBridgeX
- if setting of TrapIPaddress10 failed a network restart will be initialized (needed for eBridgeX). 
- names for public and private SNMP community can be adjusted in config: SnmpPublicCommunity, SnmpPrivateCommunity
- changed deviceconfig permission tab type from 2 to 5
- adjusted html layout and CSS for webkit browser on eBridgeX
- added LDAP attribute homeDirectory for MFP login
- added SNMP status warning for EWB info area

Pcounter Embedded for Toshiba 2.0.1 (10.06.2011)
- fixed Nullpointer Exception. Only happens if SNMPMODE is still TRAP_CC but all TJobs were deleted.
- Installer will now also open port 162 (UDP)
- added config parameter: LogTrap (default=false).
- changed job type (trap) for box (=4) from scan to print

Pcounter Embedded for Toshiba 2.0.0 (23.05.2011)
- added new license mode: Toshiba Light
	- no EWB support (no selection of CC/Sub code,  no print job select, no preview)
	- full accounting
	- print release in QuickPrint mode
- added SNMP Trap accounting (users can login at any time)
- Trap accounting if client codes are used: 
	- print jobs, jobs will be released one by one (like single print).
	- Copy jobs will get the current client code. 
- added server IP address to management (needed for Trap accounting)
- Trap accounting will be automatically. If not supported by MFP former SNMP accounting will be used.
- fully reworked client code entry at MFP display. 
- optimized performance of SNMP accounting thread
- added MFP status to info line at device
- removed license agreement screen from management
- added support for subcodes 
- fixed umlaut problem for client codes
- new print preview module. Default max. file size is increased to 500 MB
- connector 1.1.8

Pcounter Embedded for Toshiba 1.3.3 (11.11.2010)
- pcounter pro dll (2010-03-11)
- connector 1.1.6
- jre 6u22
- bugfixes: display error in IE7
- typing error LDAP->Authentication-> 'simple' was 'sipmle'; 'UID-Attr' was 'UID_Attr'
- fixed disabled close icon at card reader tab
- NEW: VDServer: added mail attribute for scan2Mail. attribute mail = email address. attribute cn = fullname. 
- fixed crashing while reading more than 1000 clientcodes with very large descriptions

Pcounter Embedded for Toshiba 1.3.2 (14.07.2010)
- LDAP: name of group, the user belongs to, can be used as auto client code. 

Pcounter Embedded for Toshiba 1.3.1 (12.05.2010)
- fixed bug that caused 'no accounting' at single print when no autocode is returned

Pcounter Embedded for Toshiba 1.3.0 (14.04.2010)
- NEW: LDAP support
- NEW: Teamprint (needs LDAP support)
- NEW: print job can be stored fore reprint after printing

Pcounter Embedded for Toshiba 1.2.3 (12.04.2010)
- VDServer: Optimized workflow at user+pass and card login. 
- New parameters: _RT_CacheCardID, _RT_ConnectorTimeOutSec, _RT_GetFullName, _RT_UseConnector, _RT_UseGetbal

Pcounter Embedded for Toshiba 1.2.2 (30.03.2010)
- changed PInterface requests to connector

Pcounter Embedded for Toshiba 1.2.1 (17.03.2010)
- pcounter pro dll (2010-02-10)
- jre 6u18
- apache tomcat 6.0.20
- bugfix: quickprint didn't work
- tosh_cpi.dll was optimized for Windows 2008

Pcounter Embedded for Toshiba 1.2.0 (01.03.2010)
- pcounter pro dll (2010-02-10)
- jre 6u18
- apache tomcat 6.0.20
- installer will now delete tomcat work directory (work\Catalina\localhost\toshiba)
- management device table height is now fixed to 500 px. Message boxes will now be always visible.
- new MFPs will always be assigned with the first card reader.
- fixed card self assignment. Now the card reader profile is used.
- fixed bug at card conversation when frontskip, databytes or rearskip was empty
- optimized log messages.
- added EWB Pull Print Terminal 
- added decimal mode for card profiles
- fixed memory leak in ICE_JNIRegistry.dll

Pcounter Embedded for Toshiba 1.1.2 (08.01.2010)
- pcounter pro dll (2009-12-03)
- jre 6u17
- apache tomcat 6.0.20
- fixed some portogue and spanish messages
- @domain will only be removed if pcounter dll = nt
- added forgotten multiplicator for max file size for preview
- user will be deleted from virtual directory immediately after login. So user password can't be browsed by ldap browser.
- registry.jar will only be copied to tomcat\lib directory
- fixed bug, when default permission were missing
- decreased screen width by 2 pixel at print job selection screen (device.js). Problem (scrollbars were shown) appeared with firmware 1.2 (200)

Pcounter Embedded for Toshiba 1.1.0 (23.10.2009)
- QuickPrint can be selected individually per MFP (support of non-EWB MFPs)
- Support for Pcounter for Netware
- new languages: fr, it, es, dk, nl, sv, no, fi
- low-balance support can be switched on/off (e.g. to use low-balance for user notification only)
- added preview for Postscript
- max. filesize for preview now can be selected
- added balance check for print job release
- fixed handling for 'unlimited'
- adjusted MFP display for 800x480 and 800x600

Pcounter Embedded for Toshiba 1.0.1 (07.10.2009)
- added parameter SNMP_TIMEOUT. 
- fixed bug in SNMP modul, that off-line MFP causes thread and memory increase till shutdown of tomcat
- added link to MFP device Website in management
- TAccounting Thread now interrupts sleep when new user logs in
- changed default ACCOUNTING_INTERVAL to 30000 (was 10000)

Pcounter Embedded for Toshiba 1.0.0 (30.09.2009)
- Initial Release Version
- single print job accounting, preview, quickprint
- client codes support
- cluster support
- user and accounting threads can be removed via management