Sharp embedded (Daccs) Vn

Supports embedded Print Release & Copy Accounting on SharpOSA-enabled MFD

OSA-IM Release history
Attention: If for any reasons features do not work propperly in a BETA version, switch back to the latest RELEASE version.

OSA IM (08.06.2017)                                                                                                          
- scan: fixed SMB_ADMIN_USER not show in management
- scan: wildcard ::username was not replaced

OSA IM (31.05.2017)                                                                                                          
- added DACCS_DONT_CHECK_FREE_COPY_BUTTON. If set to TRUE (fast Mode) no connector calls are used when freecopybutton is selected.
- scan: fix for CopyNetwork. Now the domain will be removed from username.

OSA IM (18.05.2017)                                                                                                          
- scan: Replaced jcifs completely by CopyNetwork.exe. Now SMB 2 + 3 is also supported.

OSA IM (11.05.2017)
- scan: Added CopyNetwork.exe. Now by default SMB copy is done by this c# program. Mode can be changed with SMB_MODE (default=1).

OSA IM (24.11.2016)
- added DACCS_PCOUNTER_AUTH_FIRST_FOR_CARD. If set to TRUE card authentication will always use Pcounter first.

OSA IM (02.09.2016)
- scan: If color_mode isn't detected all features will be enabled.

OSA IM (27.07.2016)
- scan: Added SCAN_ALWAYS_DETECT_FULL_FEATURE_MFP to c:\daccs\daccs_osa_scan.cfg (in case color feature is not auto recognized)

OSA IM (24.06.2016)
- scan: Scan files from new MFPs will end with _0001.jpg instead of _001.jpg. runtime now uses jre7u80
OSA IM (07.04.2016)
- updated java mail to v1.5.5.
OSA IM (04.09.2015)
- scan: If DACCS_SELECTION_SCREEN_SCAN and "Don't show selection screen" are enabled now scan website is shown after login instead of MFP top level screen.

OSA IM (18.05.2015)
- scan: Added SCAN_IGNORE_ERROR_AT_GET_JOB_STATUS_TIMEOUT (default = 30000, disabled = 0). An active scan workflow will be continued after timeout if the MFP does not respond to get job status request.

OSA IM (23.01.2015)
- fixed bug when SMB_DIRECT_MFP is enabled. Now the filename will be assembled correctly.

OSA IM (05.12.2014)
- added SMB_DIRECT_MFP. If set to true all scans to network will be handled by MFP like in the old scan application. Must be used with SMB_SHOW_ONLY_HOME.

OSA IM (14.10.2014)
- added support for extension ccx1.
- if email address read by LDAP contains ',' or ';' the email address will be splited and the first element will be used.
- changed SMB_USE_NETWORK_AS_HOME. lastHome is now always set to first network directory. It is not necessary to delete all userdata .json files.

OSA IM (08.07.2014)
- added DACCS_PRINT_SELECT_EXIT_BUTTON. If true the print select screen will show an exit button
- added DACCS_DONT_DETECT_USB_PRINT. Set this to true if print select is started as OSA application.
- added DACCS_NO_JOB_INFO_AFTER_PRINT. Set this to true if print select is started as OSA application.
- scan: added URL parameters to quick access email, network and fax. URLs: ...index.jsp?op=scan3_email, scan3_network, scan3_fax
- scan: fixed bug at dir.listFiles() in

OSA IM (24.03.2014)
- scan: added config param SMB_BUFFER (default = 65536) and SMB_MODE (default = 1). Mode 1 = smb copy with apache commons io, Mode 2 = smb copy with own code.
- scan: if closeJob throws an exception delete of scan file didn't work. Now closeJob won't throw an exception.
- updated apache commons io from 2.1 to 2.4
- Polaris Pro is now detected as OSA3 MFP.
- scan: delete of scan file after ocr sometimes didn't work.
- email address for freeCopyButton-user is no longer requested at getUserInfo

OSA IM (24.01.2014)
scan: added SEND_MAIL_WAIT_RETRIES (default value=30000) and SEND_MAIL_RETRIES (default value=5). In case of an error sending mail (EWS and SMTP) will be repeated 5 times with a delay of 30 seconds.
- scan: fixed bug where special fax-scan-settings got active for all scans

OSA IM (16.10.2013)
scan: exceptions while sending EWS email will no longer generate an "attachement to big error" email.
- added DACCS_MAX_SIZE_LOGDIR. Default value 209715200 (200 MB). Every day about midnight the oldest log files will be deleted until the size of all log files is smaller.
- added support for offline-mode (55-3 24-8). SOAP request ALIVE is not supported yet. This means that MFP needs to rebottes after getting back online. Offline jobs are not accounted.
- fix: OSA 3a mode only: login with card only and free copy button are now working.

OSA IM (07.08.2013)
- NEW: added DACCS_HIDE_KEYBOARD. If set to TRUE the application softkeyboard will not be shown on login and scan2me screen.
- FIX: if the input of any e-mail addresses was disabled using the hardware keyboard did still work - fixed.
- osa2: spaces between print and teamprint buttons will only be shown if teamprint is enabled. This will fix the problem that some older MFPs are showing these spaces.

OSA IM (12.07.2013)
fixed bug where FINISHED jobs caused screen refresh periodically. Now FINISHED jobs will be removed at CheckJobs. Also if CheckJobs is called by JGC no screen refresh will be done.

OSA IM (04.07.2013)
big free copy button will now be disabled while card assign
- added DACCS_FILTER_CARD_NUMBER. If true only the characters 0123456789abcdefABCDEF will be used as card number

OSA IM (20.06.2013)
- new: connector 1.2.8
- fixed bug: delete job was not working
- replaced managejobs by resumejob

OSA IM (10.06.2013)
- n
ew: connector 1.2.6
- new: ocr.exe 1.1.0. Blank pages will now be removed by default.
- new: added new welcome screen showing large FreeCopy Button. daccs_osa.cfg param: DACCS_BIG_FREE_COPY_BUTTON.
- new: DACCS_CUSTOM_PRINT_JOB_DELETE. If set to TRUE print jobs will only be delete after finished event was received (job as been printed).
- new: enabled freeCopyButton for small non-touch displays OSA_MODE=3a
- changed back to EWSJavaAPI version 1.1.5
- scan2fax: scan settings can be set to fix values
- scan2fax: 'remember last fax number' can be disabled
- scan2xxx: 'remember last scan settings' can be disabled
- scan2mail: input of 'unknown' e-mail adresses (addresses other than rerieved from Exchange/Directory Server) can be disabled
- scan2mail: added support for Exchange Server 2010

OSA IM (12.04.2013)
changed to
- fixed bug at WELCOME_SCREEN_PATH when changing RUNTIME_HOME in daccs_paths.cfg
- added instructions to daccs_paths.cfg

OSA IM (06.03.2013)
connector 1.2.4
- fixed bug at print job release. Now print jobs are printed in the correct order again.

OSA IM (25.01.2013)
fixed bug causing wrong entries in users.dat
- added some frensh messages
- fixed bug at multiple print method

OSA IM (03.12.2012)
added welsh language
- keyboard.cfg is now in UTF-8 format
- scan: fixed bug at label for scan file format (PDF, JPEG, TIFF)

OSA IM (11.11.2012)
Scan2Me: added "Custom URL/Label" to start any OSA App. from function selection when DAccS is run as a non-authentication app.
- Scan2Me: added MONOCHROME PDF mode
- Scan2Me: JPEG and MONOCHROME will now be scanned in GRAYSCALE (was AUTO)
- Scan2Me: added EXTENDED_SCAN_SETTINGS (default = FALSE). When enabled user can also change rotation, original size and send size
- Scan2Me: added option to save extended scan settings and PDF password on MFP display
- fixed installer problem when catalina_home is set by a different tomcat

OSA IM (23.10.2012)
fixed bug at 'keep user logged in after ..' in OSA2 mode

OSA IM (17.10.2012)
- fixed bug at Scan2Folder and Scan2Fax credentials
- password for scanning is no longer required if SMB Masteruser is used.

OSA IM (15.10.2012)
- fixed bug at manual file naming for Scan2Folder

OSA IM (11.10.2012)
jre 6u35 (included in runtime)
- connector 1.2.2 supporting Pcounter Cache Service
- NEW: added support for registerd USB IC-Card readers. If supported by MFP users will be logged off by swiping a card.
- NEW: Pcounter embedded (print release & Scan2Me) can be run as a standard OSA Application (AMX2) -> no job accounting in this mode
- NEW: new option allows user to edit filenames for scanned documents (scan2mail, scan2folder)
- NEW: added COMPACT_PDF_xxx file formats to Scan2Me. If MFP doesn't support COMPACT-Modes, PDF or PDFA will be used instead.
- scan: added leading zeros for month, day, hour, minute, second and millisecond at file name
- fixed bug at pin entry when login via network card reader

OSA IM (16.08.2012)
- added multiple print at job selection screen (Details).
- fixed bug at remaining balance calculator

OSA IM (08.08.2012)
- fixed bug at teamprint when cn contains comma followed by blank
- If no HomeDirectory is available from DC the first working network folder can be enabled to be used as home directory.

OSA IM (11.07.2012)
- "please wait" message didn't disappear at Scan2Me for long scan jobs (> 60 seconds) on Aries firmware 6.x. - fixed
- NEW: added option to only allow scanning to own e-mail address.
- management: fixed wrong LDAP server number at scan settings

OSA IM (22.06.2012)
- fixed bug at teamprint

OSA IM (13.06.2012)
- NEW: added OCR capability to scan2me.
- added £ to keyboard.cfg
- EMAIL_MAX_SIZE will be ignored if value is 0
- fixed bug at emailX screen.
- check email to contain and not begin with '@'
- disabled shutdown port (8005) in server.xml to prevent conflicts with print2me.
- added 'min. data bytes' to card profiles. renamed data bytes to max. data bytes.
- fixed bug at OCR.exe. Updating the registry key "_date" caused an error.

OSA IM (14.03.2012)
- fixed bug at onscreen keyboard when pressing backspace.
- added EMAIL_MAX_SIZE (default value=9728000 (9500KB)). If mail exceeds this size or is causing an exception user will receive an error mail.
- scan files will now also be deleted when scan job was canceled or caused an exception
- please Wait message at scanning will now disappear after 60 seconds (MFP closes Ajax request at this time).
- directories 'work' and 'userData' will now be created by installer

OSA IM (02.03.2012)
- fixed bug of input fields for subject, text and faxnumber
- fix bug at card assign
- fixed bug at onscreen keyboard with characters ; < and >.
- removed Euro sign from keyboard.cfg.
- limited special html characters to < > &

OSA IM (16.02.2012)
- NEW: pcounter pro dll nt (2012-02-14)
- fixed bug at scan2SMB. scan to share-root  is now supported
- fixed bug at scan2me. Some name tags were not supported
- fixed focus on simplex/duplex button (scan2me)
- reworked clientcode screen. Fixed bug at subcode entry.
- added MX91 family (Capricorn)
- package naming is now unified to 'osa_im_latest.exe'

OSA IM (09.02.2012)
- fixed SSL lock bug

OSA IM (06.02.2012)
- New: Scan2 application (requires OSA 3.5 & wide VGA/SVGA) providing
    - Scan2Mail:   full MS-Exchange integration (address lookup / see mails in outgoing folder / crate new contact)
                   & user´s 'Home' from A.D. or LDAP
    - Scan2Folder: user´s HomeDir from A.D, or LDAP
             pre-defined network folders (browsable)
             user's favorite folders
    - Scan2Fax:    forwarding scans to any Fax-Server via Email or Hotfolder
- New: Banner-Page: MFP-Panel can show adverts, info etc. while in standby
- New: "one click installer": OSA IM comes with it´s own runtime environment. No JAVA & Tomcat install required anymore
- New: SSL support: by default all MFP <-> Server communication is now HTTPS/SSL secured
- New: installer checks availability of HTTP/HTTPS ports
- New: TRIAL-Extension: "in case" Trial period can be extended to another max. 60 days
- New: support accurate limits in 'money mode' for new devices (Aries / Virgo)
- New: added login-web-service for 3rd-party authentication devices
- New: manual is split in 3 docs now (Installation / Configuration / Reference)
- New: added log level "WORK"
- Improvements of this version
    - Reworked accounting to track the maximum of printed pages in case of MFP error / paper out / restart / etc.
    - Card-Self-Assignment can now be canceled
    - all ports (HTTP, HTTPS, ActiveInterface, CardServer) can be set in management now
    - reduced max. decimals to 5
    - simplified configuration of LDAP-Server settings
    - auto select Language at first startup
    - Offset-Limits (req. for money mode) can be set to 0
    - new sans-serif Font fitting better to modern GUI
    - keyboard performance has been increased
    - better formatting of print preview screen
    - reorganized Info-screen
    - "reload card server" and "clear CC cache" are only displayed when required
    - improved speed for sub-code selection screen
    - reworked client code screen
    - former Scan2Me (V2) can be enabled with DACCS_USE_OLD_SCAN2ME=TRUE
    - pcounter pro dll nt (2011-12-05)
    - pcounter pro dll nds (2011-12-05)
- Fixed Bugs in this version:
    - when logged out no settings can be changed anymore
    - if user has no permission to print, pull print button is disabled
    - if no permission at device, user will get a message
    - MFP-Fax options are now controlled by user permission "fax"     
    - direct prints are now accounted (user must have permission printBW + printColor)
    - language selection no longer 'hides' numeric keyboard
    - unlimited users now can print if balance is negative
    - 'always allow BW' now works as expected
    - MFP will be enabled even if user has no permission for copy (but for print or scan) - OSA3 only!
    - display error at job cost calculation
    - Card Self Assignment screen now appears in language selected at login
    - client codes can no longer be selected at sub code form
The application has been deeply tested on current models / fw
    - MX 4112 - 04.00.R1.0a
    - MX 2610 - 04.00.A1.00
    - MX 2310 - 05.00.G1.00
    - MX 5000 - 04.01.J2
    - MX M283 - 03.02.J3
    - MX B381 - 04.02.F2
    - MX 2600 - 04.07.P2.00
    - MX C311 - 04.01.FC

OSA IM (06.06.2011)
- connector 1.1.8
- fixed bug where unlimited users could reach limit in money mode.
- Installer will set HKLM\Software\Pcounter Accounting DLL\Global\DefaultIgnorePrintRecords to 0 if not set before
- fixed reading of accountID for events CheckJobs after hello

OSA IM (03.05.2011)
- fixed bug where job info screen was displayed after message "No client codes."
- fixed bug with client code descriptions

OSA IM (26.04.2011)
- added MX71, MX73, MX79, MX80, MX81 to family_features.cfg
- improved GetUserInfo
- fixed bug at ldap group filter.
- added DACCS_BACKUP_QUEUE. release jobs to backup queue first.
- default value for DACCS_DISABLE_ERROR_ACCOUNTING is set to TRUE
- fixed bug where unlimited users reach limit in money mode.

OSA IM (28.03.2011)
- minor change to make "Please wait" screen on Aries disappear faster.
- fixed bug at Teamprint

OSA IM (21.03.2011)
- fixed bug at client code selection (error -7001)
- fixed bug at language selection (only OSA2 mode)
- added translated messages for mfp_texte_windows.txt and management_texte_windows.txt
- changed page encoding for MFP UI back to text/xml
- added DACCS_SKIP_SELECTION_SCREEN (only for OSA3 mode). This setting will always skip the funtion selection screen (except MFP is enabled).
  Must not be used with money mode. E.g. can be used with OSA APPs index.jsp?op=print_select, index.jsp?op=validate_no_check
- updated Scan2Me background images

OSA IM (11.03.2011)
- NEW: support for new ARIES series (expand panel size to 800x396)
- NEW: support for  B/C-Frontier Models (both  MFP and Printer) with non-touch-panel.
   Due to display size and non-touch capability there a some limitations.  The following features are not available
                - client code selection  
                - self assignment of Card-ID + PIN  (Card-ID only works fine)
                - PIN change at MFP panel
                - print preview
                - animated job info
                - language selection
                - free copy button
- Auto detect if MFP supports WEB-GUI or native mode
- NEW: enhanced print preview modules for PCL and PS spool files.
- NEW: support for 'direct print jobs' that are bypassing Pcounter. Driver authentication (username & password) needs to be set.
- enhanced print job association
- added soft-keyboard layout for French language
- Change authentication order to avoid timeout at login if user is not a directory user
- fixed bug in management: no card reader profiles are shown. (IE only)
- fixed bug when using custom card profiles and USB readers.
- fixed: private client codes were always converted to upper case
- fixed: password entry was not possible when 'auto complete' was disabled
- fixed bug when using LDAP and search filter
- LDAP test now is also possible if LDAP server is not active
- fixed bug using free quota in money mode
- fixed bug where version upgrade at trial license caused wrong version number warning in management.
- enabled version downgrade.
- if login mode is 'username'  usernames must not start with '*'
- changed background image format to prevent display error on Aries MFPs
- localisation: Management: DE / EN - MFP-messages: DE / EN / DK / FR / ES /NL
  full language package + IT will follow soon
- Scan2Me manual extracted from main manual

OSA IM (20.12.2010)
- disabled "allow printing only when user sis logged in" completely. Customers should use MFP firewall to prevent direct printing.
- added and improved PRINTTRACE log messages
- fixed bug that a new user (no entry in users.dat) couldn't enable device in money mode when MFP is in OSA2 mode.

OSA IM (01.12.2010)
New: Support of OSA 3.x
- New: Web-GUI on MFP Wide-VGA panels (OSA 2 Form-mode is still supported)
- New: Web-Management
- New: auto complete for login and client code screens. Can be disabled with DACCS_DISABLE_AUTOCOMPLETE=TRUE. (only OSA3)
- New: soft keyboard for login and client code screens. Keyboard configuration: c:\daccs\keyboard.cfg. (only OSA3)
- New: stitch pin icon to print jobs in selection screen to keep print jobs after printing. (only OSA3)
- New: client codes manually entered can be added to Pcounter database (only OSA3)
- New: show (calculated by pcounter) job cost. (only OSA3)
- New: change PIN button at function selection screen. After self assignment user will always be prompted for a new pin (only OSA3)
- added some more informations for the print job at print preview screen (only OSA3)
- removed unneeded card profiles.
- New: per MFP configuration. each MFP can have its own config file. (e.g. c:\daccs\daccs_osa_MFP-IPADDRESS.cfg)
- New: Fax accounting can be switched on/off for Fax-send and Fax-receive  
- New: order of authentication is selectable: Pcounter-LDAP / LDAP-Pcounter / LDAP only
- reading fullnames from Pcounter can be disabled with DACCS_DONT_READ_FULLNAME=TRUE
- OsaCardServer port can now be changed in management.
- New: animated jobInfo Screen. can be disabled with DACCS_JOBINFO_ANIMATED=FALSE. (only OSA3)
- New: mouse over current logged in username in management device table now shows the current screen of the user
- pcounter pro dll (2010-11-09)
- connector 1.1.7
- jre 6u22

OSA IM (07.07.2010)
- Management: changed method to create ServerID. This will prevent different ServerIDs when Tomcat is running in 64bit mode.

OSA IM (02.06.2010)
- extended error message if client code database is missing
- added DACCS_OFFSET_OVERDRAW to avoid user´s balance going negative.
- added "Private" Client Code. Print jobs with this client code are excluded from TeamPrint
- fixed bug in Scan2Home.
- fixed bug for freecopybutton in single copy mode
- OSA_2 login mode can be enabled now for individual MFPs.
- Leave user logged in after Copy/Scan has been added

OSA IM (03.05.2010)
- jre 6u20
- New html login screen with direct USB authentication. OSA_2 login screen can be reenabled with DACCS_OSA_2=TRUE
- switched from osa_im to osa_im_3 (osa_im_3 will only run on OSA3 MFPs)
- Adjusted ACL_MAIN_FEATURE and LIMITS_DOC_TYPE to OSA3.5 settings

OSA IM (23.03.2010)
- Management: Updated built-in jre to 1.5.0_17.
- Management: Added start button for WIZnet1000 configuration tool
- Added WIZnet1000 installer to package

OSA IM (11.03.2010)
- Management: LDAP user will only be tested for the current server
- Management: Added search filter with test button.

OSA IM (03.03.2010)
- fixed bug at print preview screen which allowed user to see the print jobs of all users
- jre 6u18
- exchanged ICE_JNIRegistry.dll with fixed version
- fixed bug at manuel client code selection.
- Management: Fixed bug at "Load Pcounter queue". Checkbox is now also effective when changing tabs.

OSA IM (17.02.2010)
- DACCS_HIDE_NO_DELETE_AFTER_PRINT now also works when TeamPrint is enabled
- Management: Updated jre from 1.4.2_11 to 1.4.2_16

OSA IM (11.02.20010)
- pcounter pro dll (2010-02-10)
- Management: Removed loglevel INFO
- Management: Added default setting for OpenLDAP
- Management: Removed one of the UID attributes
- FTP Port for scan is now changeable
- fixed bug where characters like ' in fullname caused parse error on MFP display
- Removed print job selection after pressing back at preview
- "Do not delete job after print" checkbox can now be disabled with DACCS_HIDE_NO_DELETE_AFTER_PRINT
- added fax accounting. (Send_fax=fax, protocol=print / Receive_fax is accounted to user "fax_received")
- improved PRINTTRACE log messages

OSA IM (07.01.2009)
- Management: Fixed bug - DACCS_IP wasn't saved

OSA IM (21.12.2009)
- Installer: Pcounter embedded  now comes with an easy to use "Click Next" installer (Install & Update are the same package)
- LDAP support: Pcounter embedded comes with an built in LDAP client.
  Login at MFP, email address, homeDirectory, Autoclient code can be performed/retrieved from any LDAP Server.
  'LDAP users' can be imported to the Pcounter Database to be fully supported by all Pcounter PRO features
- TeamPrint: new feature that will allow users to release print jobs of other users belonging to the same group(s)
- Preview: allows to have a preview of the document´s page 1
- keep Jobs after printing: users can decide to keep their Jobs spooled on Pcounter server for a later reprint
- the Scan2Me functions 'Scan2Mail' and 'Scan2Folder' can now be used in parallel.
- added selection screen if scan2mail and scan2home is active
- PJL Alias - SAP support: determine job owner by PJL User statement
- added support for free quota
- added decimal mode for card reader. New card profiles: NET_TWN3_DECIMAL and USB_DECIMAL
- connector 1.1.0
- pcounter pro dll (2009-12-03)
- jre 6u17
- apache tomcat 6.0.20

OSA IM (24.09.2009)
- fixed init.jsp and lizenzinfo.jsp

OSA IM (22.09.2009)
- added scan2Folder (homeDirectory)
- pcounter pro dll 2009-01-09
- scan2Me 1.2
- jre 6u16
- Management: fixed bug where tpye of login was incorrect after startup.
- will now use username@mfpIPAddress if scan sender is empty

OSA IM (28.05.2009)
- connector 1.0.7
- added option to show client code description
- characters , and / will be removed before recjob
- fixed bug when print job was selected and back is pressed. Instead of message that print job is selected the print job selection will be removed before
- changed default userCacheTime to 10 minutes

OSA IM (14.05.2009)
- connector 1.0.5
- changed workflow for getLimit to handle the different behaviour (authorize x 2) of MX65.
- updated Java to 6u13

OSA IM (14.04.2009)
- connector 1.0.5
- after MFP sends hello getJobResult is sended to active jobs. Can be disabled by DACCS_DONT_CHECK_JOBS_AFTER_HELLO. Timeout=DACCS_CHECK_JOBS_AFTER_HELLO_TIMEOUT.
- Management: Added message if version doesn't fit.

OSA IM (13.03.2009)
- connector 1.0.5
- Management: removed initialisation of setting screen, when black button "Settings" is pressed. Made this one second faster.
- Management: Either "Delete scan files after x Minutes" or "Delete scan file after sending" can be enabled
- Fixed bug. Now scan sender is not alway the same as scan receiver. If no scan sender is detected, then "Username@MFP IP Adresse" will be used.
- Management: Added error message, if scan_config.xml is corrupt. Also catch Nullpointer Exception at MFP Logout.
- Added scan format to family feature for family 52, because at scan completed event the format is missing. 0 means scan format might be missing and will replaced with default format.
- Extended DACCS_USE_LAST_RECJOB_USER to client codes and sub codes.
- Management: Display format for balance can be changed from 1 to 0.000001
- OsaCardServer3: Start byte and stop byte are no longer case sensitive (0d == 0D)
- Management: Fixed indication error of checkbox DACCS_SINGLE_PRINT_JOBS
- Management: Default card profile is now DEFAULT_TWN3 and default card profile for usb is now DEFAULT_TWN3_USB
- added family_features and daccs_osa.cfg.bak to daccs_paths.cfg

OSA IM (12.02.2008)
- connector 1.0.5
- addet latest PRO DLLs (DLL Version (pcounterNTacct.dll): 01.09.2009)
- increased limit for non limited jobs from 100000 to 1000000 also for copying
- corrected family features for MX51 and MX52 (Limits=0)
- fixed bug for new installations, which doesn't create daccs_osa.csv and users.dat automatically
- new Scan2Me modul (Application ID=5)
- Management: Added links to MPF configuration site on MFP/Prices table
- added and changed the images for MFP display. Image size must now also declare in mfp_texte_windows.txt.
- Management: Added WIZnet button

OSA IM (04.12.2008)
- connector 1.0.4 (fixed bug for novell at pw check, diabled gui: plotter, Ignore retrieved printjobs ...)
- added newest PRO DLLs (DLL Version (pcounterNTacct.dll): 11.24.2008)
- added jre 6 update 11
- removed LOGDIR_WIN from daccs_paths.cfg. Added SCAN_CONFIG to daccs_paths.cfg. Optimized handling of daccs_paths.cfg.
- Management: changed font at license info screen to differ 0 and O
- Management: added button "Copy Server ID to clipboard"
- user timeout will be disabled when user selects print job or enabled MFP
- fixed bug, when client code has to be entered at MFP for print jobs. If there is no client code/no client code was entered, then the selected printjobs will be deleted.
- bug in accounting, when there were errors (paperjam) and the last result is splitted because of different format/color
- added new parameter DACCS_DISABLE_ERROR_ACCOUNTING to switch of the error accounting
- adjusted OsaCardServer3 to handle slow networks. By default OsaCardServer3 will wait 20 times (DACCS_CARD_ATTEMPTS) for 100ms (DACCS_CARD_DELAY).
- added card profile for NET_TWN3
- increased limit for non limited jobs from 100000 to 1000000
- added allow always black and white print, copy and scan in case of users shall only be charged for color
- added message if quick print is enabled and there are no rights to print a job
- fixed bug, when quickprint and keepLoggedInAfterPrinting is enabled and login type is not account. Now no error message for unknown user will appear.

OSA IM (06.10.2008)
- cache for mfp_texte_windows.txt added (faster). Cache will be renewed are read after 10 seconds if needed.
- fixed message 095 NL in mfp_texte_windows.txt
- for big displays other background images are used (big_*.gif). Added "Small Display" to family_features.cfg
- Management: added "copy to clipboard" buttons

OSA IM (26.09.2008)
- the communication between tomcat and management when chancing license informations has been improved
- rearranged and added some characters to the client code search keyboards

OSA IM beta (16.09.2008)
- connector 1.0.3
- fixed bug when using an empty password

OSA IM beta (08.09.2008)
- connector 1.0.3
- removed PCOUNTER_POPUP setting from configuration. This can be set by Pro DLL now. ("Only show print jobs that have been processed by PPopup")
- fixed bug in client code search (sometimes the last letters of very long client codes have been cut)
- Management: added messages in case of: no connection to Apache Tomcat, invalid version, no maintenance.

OSA IM beta (28.08.2008)
- new license model. New registration key is required. The old license file isn't working any more.
- new license model. When there is no maintenance, an update to a newer version of osa_im isn't possible.
- Licenses can be assigned to MFP at any time, independend the maintenance status.
- Management: clientcode settings are not read for PCOUNTER.INI. They can be set in Management now.
- Management: user permissions are added. (color print - B&W print - color copy - B&W copy - scan - fax)
- Management: new price setup added (idividual prices for print / copy / paper sizes / BW / Color)
- added family_features.cfg file to set the different behaviours of current and upcoming MFPs.
- java 6 update 7. Tomcat 6.0.18
- fixed OSA bug at limitation.
- new connector 1.0.3 added
- added "Print all jobs" button at function select screen. (can be disabled by DACCS_DISABLE_PRINT_ALL_BUTTON=TRUE)
- added pcounter prices to info button
- added family feature "limit exception". When set to 1 the authorization of a new job is aborted with a exception. Else the limits are set to 0.

OSA IM (09.07.2008)
- old management is included
- connector is included
- OsaCardServer3 can be disabled when DACCS_CARD_PORT=0 is set in daccs_osa.cfg
- if jobs are sent directly to the MFP - bypassing Pcounter - the job will be recorded for user NO_USER
- added parameter DACCS_LOG_IP to log only some MFPs in DEBUG mode. IP addresses of the MFPs must be comma seperated. This parameter is independent to DACCS_LOGLEVEL.
- improved handling of daccs_osa.csv
- improved handling of OsaCardServer3

OSA IM (30.05.2008)
- startup error revised. New startup error 905 when MFP subscribes wit IP but IP is known from daccs_osa.csv.
- added message 134 (startup error) to message file
- changed message for login type IDNUM (old message was too long)
- fixed bug when releasing single print jobs.

OSA IM (15.05.2008)
- all ACLs are now adjustable by daccs_osa.cfg

OSA IM RELEASE (28.04.2008)
- if IP address of MFP is changed Pcounter settings are changed accordingly
- workaround for JobResult bug on MFPs with Fax Option. if PageCount > 100000, the result will not be recorded
- fixed some DK messages
- OsaCardServer3 will now make 3 attemps to open the server socket
- optimized releasing large number of print jobs to prevent the MFP from 'loosing' JobStarted and/or JobResult events.
- changed timeout message for unstarted printjobs.
- added parameter DACCS_DELAY_BETWEEN_RELEASE_JOB to set the delay between releasing jobs. Default value = 100 ms.
- added loglevel PRINTTRACE. If selected then additional logfiles are writen for every MFP with only some printing log messages
- changed message 105 and 116

OSA IM RELEASE (14.03.2008)
- fixed bug when opening a webpage by DAccS Management
- fixed bug to support HID readers with Mifare cards
- pcounter pro DLLs from 11.03.2008

OSA IM RELEASE (07.03.2008)
- Management: added counters for different job  types in MFP/Prices table
- accounting for scan jobs can now be disabled separately
- language button can be disabled
- mfp language will be reset to default after logout
- New Quickprint feature is added. If a user has printjobs pending on the server they will immediatly be released after login.
- added autologout, if user has not enabled the MFP. Default value = 60000 ms. Set DACCS_USER_TIMEOUT to set another value. 0 disables timeout.
- IP number will be input as 'sending station'. If job type is print then sending station will be "unknown".
- modified 10 digit key-pad screen for ID number and pin to fit on MX-M
- ACL settings added to daccs_osa.cfg: BYPASS-TRAY, BYPASS-TRAY-EXCLUDED. Set these parameter to TRUE to enable tray selection
- fixed bug on page count when an 'error'-print job is resumed.
- fixed bug on 'result = error' in release single print job mode.
- Management: 'logged in user' can be reset in MFP/Prices table
- added DACCS_AUTHORIZE_JOB_USER_LOGGED_IN. If this is set to TRUE then authorize will send a RemoteException to cancel the job if nobody is logged in.
- Management: added text fields to copy/paste the MFPs External Application settings: Address for Application UI, Address for Web Service
- changed cancell method for copy jobs in money mode.
- Installer: added desktop icon and quickstart icon. Removed uninstall icon. Documentation icons added.

OSA IM beta (20.02.2008)
- New Login Type IDNUM (for quick numerical ID Number login)
- USB card reader support
- Pcounter pro DLLs 11.02.2008
- Management: add profiles for card readers. Profiles are stored in card_reader_profile.cfg.

OSA IM beta (31.01.2008)
- USB Card Reader support. added new login option
- disabled all MFP system- and websettings except "total-count" (ACL)
- Cluster support: enabled custom filenames (set in c:\daccs_paths.cfg).
- added support for HID readers (Card ID supplied in HEX)
- connector: added new Pro DLLs (07.01.2008)
- moved pin entry to the center and made the buttons larger
- Management will now start not in full screen mode
- Replaced OsaCardServer2 by OsaCardServer3. some new parameters have been added to trim string.  DACCS_CARD_xxx (so it can be easily adapted to different reader types)
- added support for MX6001N / MX7001N
- pcounter pro DLLs from 25.01.2008
- Management: added LIZ08: License file not found

OSA IM beta (21.12.2007)
- added support for HID readers. New parameter for OsaCardServer3: DACCS_CARD_HEX.
- added new login type DACCS_MODE=PCOUNTER_IDNUM to quick enter numerical id numbers. Some custom settings in management are required for running this login type.
- connector: fixed bug at getbaluserattr2
- connector: added new Pro DLLs (19.12.2007) due to a bug at setcardid.
- OsaCardServer3 will be startet on ever HTTP request if not running

OSA IM BETA (03.12.2007)
- moved pin entry to the center and made the buttons larger
- Management will now start not in full screen mode
- Replaced OsaCardServer2 by OsaCardServer3 (can read every card). New parameters: DACCS_CARD_STOPBYTE, DACCS_CARD_MAXBYTES, DACCS_CARD_SKIPBYTES, DACCS_CARD_PORT, DACCS_CARD_DELAY
- added support for family 57 (MX-6201N/7001N)

OSA IM 1.4.6 RELEASE (09.11.2007)
s tested/released on Pcounter *2.30a/5.26d in combination of MFP Firmware
- n2.00.J0 (MX-M350N / *MX-M450N)
- p1.10.D0 (MX-M550U / MX-M620U / *MX-M700U)
- p2.02.D0 (MX-M550U / MX-M620U / *MX-M700U)
- 01.10.H0 (MX-M850 / MX-M950 / *MX-M1100)
- 01.16.P0 (*MX-2300N / MX-2700)  -!NO FIERY!
- 02.08.J0 (MX-3501N / *MX-4501N) - !NO FIERY!
- 02.08.JM (MX-3501N / *MX-4501N) - !NO FIERY!
- 01.03.D0 (MX-5500N / MX-6200N / *MX-7000N) !NO FIERY!
*) physically tested equipment

OSA IM beta (06.11.2007)
- modified timing to fix subscribe problem on Jupiter
- Management: changed text 236
- Management: added DACCS_SHOW_NO_SELECTION_SCREEN (quick login if there are no printjobs)
- Management: added error message when the server IP address is empty.
- reworked counting algorithm
- added support for Hercules

OSA IM beta (19.10.2007)
- added MFP format A3_R

OSA IM beta (17.10.2007)
- only MFPs with family code starting with 3 will be treated as color MFPs.
- fixed bug when jobs were deleted via MFP display.
- changed behaviour of JobGarbageCollector. Now only the oldest job will be deleted.
- PCOUNTER_USERATTR=TRUE forces to use userattr. Attention: with userattr every username can login, if there are printerpopupusers in use.

OSA IM (31.08.2007)
- set workfile to 'synchronized'. Now only one workfile can be read or written at the same time. Very secure/stable but might be slower with many MFPs.
- The user can only login at one MFP at the same time. It is now not depending if the user has printjobs.
- fixed another bug when one of these characters & ' " < > are shown on the MFP display.

OSA IM (30.08.2007)
- changed default value to DACCS_JOB_GC_SLEEP=30000, DACCS_JOB_GC_TIMEOUT_PRINT=300000
- fixed bug when one of these characters & ' " < > is used. Affects username, password, idnumber, clientcode, subcode, filename.

OSA IM (27.08.2007)
- added JobGarbageCollector for UNSTARTED_PRINTJOBS. ConfigFile Parameters: DACCS_JOB_GC_SLEEP=20000, DACCS_JOB_GC_TIMEOUT_PRINT=60000
- added better support for printer printerpopupusers. No using userattr2 instead of userattr.

OSA IM (22.08.2007)
- added money mode module for 'real' accounting
- logfiles moved to /daccs/log/

OSA IM (20.07.2007)
- added new search modul for many client codes. Hidden parameters: PCOUNTER_CACHE_TIME, PCOUNTER_USER_CACHE_TIME, PCOUNTER_CCX_LIMIT, PCOUNTER_CCX_KEYB (1/2)
- ClientOnlyFromList from PCOUNTER.INI will control the manual button for client code entry.
- connector: added new functions: getbal_userattr, getcodescache, getcardid_userattr, getusercodescache, getdevice_acctreq, getjobcount
- Management: added DACCS_NO_COPY_ACCOUNTING. If this is checked, then no copy, scan and docfiling jobs are accounted.
- Management: added additional refreshMFPcount before writing MFP serial numbers to license file.

OSA IM (05.07.2007) temporary release - will only work with less than 32 clientcodes
- added daccs_osa.cfg parameter (PCOUNTER_RELEASE_JOB_IN_BACKGROUND=TRUE).
- fixed some missing license file close calls.

OSA IM (21.06.2007)
- SSL support
- Management: added Print jobs individual button
- if Print jobs individual is set, then job by job is released. After each job the balance is checked and if balance <= limit printing will stop (not available on mono-models AR/ARM)
- Management: Install Mode affects only INFO button
- Management: Added Selfassignment checkbox and new kinds of login with selfassignment (card+assign with user, card+assign with user/pass, card+assign with id)
- DOCFILING prints (scan to MFP HDD and release) will be now accounted as SCAN and PRINT.
- Info and Language button label is now in mfp_texte_*
- changed some french labels
- Management: made wheel-scrolling faster
- Management: added version title label
- added FreeCopyButton (bw+color or bw). Copy jobs will be accounted for user freecopybutton.
- Management: added tomcat_sync. If license error LIZ01 appears just the Sync button has to be pressed.
- added daccs_osa.cfg parameter (DACCS_JOB_STARTED_TIME) for timeout, when Pcounter isn't sending a job. If parameter isn't set then default value will be 60 seconds.

OSA IM (29.05.2007)
- Management: added error messages and info field if server id or workstation/domain doesn't match with license data.
- Management: License status is not only loaded at startup but also on pressing reload (MFP/Prices)
- added license status to lizenzinfo screen.
- Management: added DACCS_NO_PRINT_ACCOUNTING. If this is checked, then no printjobs (also no USB-Print and Docfiling-Print!) is accounted.

OSA IM (22.05.2007)
- added Startup Errorscodes. 900: ip address ""; 901, 902: Error at subscribe.
- Management: added Service mode
- Management: moved load Pcounter Queue checkbox to MFP/Prices
- Management: added reload table every 10 seconds
- added support for international paperformats

OSA IM (09.05.2007)
- added accounting of DOC-FILING
- fixed bugs for MFP firmware i1.10.* (enableDevice: SHARP-OSA, scan_bf: type='radio')

OSA IM (03.05.2007)
- reorganized scanArray (image-dir, exposure)
- added scan options rules for compression, color-mode and file-format
- fixed createJob problem
- added custom settings table in Management
- replaced pcounter DLLs. Now multiple pull queues are available for a print queue.

OSA IM (30.04.2007)
- added multiple access lock for daccs_osa.cfg
- added Timeouts for connector.exe
- added logfile messages for ProcessBuilder activities
- account is no longer transfered to lowercase for Pcounter

OSA IM (03.04.2007)
- version update: Java 6u1, Tomcat 6.0.10
- fixed bug in danish text
- reduced calls of connector deviceconfig

OSA IM (21.03.2007)
- language select button
- assign Card IDs in installation mode
- prepared scan application
- prepared accounting of AR-M355 with non DIN paper format
- fixed error when password is one of these characters "*<>. Character + still doesn't work.

OSA IM (27.02.2007)
- speeding up OsaCardServer.
- exchanged build-in "replace" of java with one implementation. Now special characters in file names and password doesn't matter.
- upper characters also works in user_id and login_alias.
- new language for management: spanish
- new languages for MFP display: dutsh, spanish

OSA IM (15.02.2007)
- fixed bug in license logic
- now all messages are available in french
- login with card now works when login mode is "username+password"
- renamed axis.war into osa_im.war
- show OSA-IM version in Tomcat Manager

OSA IM (08.02.2007)
- new licence model
    - MFP serial numbers no longer have to be forwarded to cs
    - maintanance mechanism added
    - licence update mechanism added
- added danish MFP messages (now EN, D, FR, DK) (management is in english)
- content of INFO screen can be minimized

OSA IM (15.12.2006)
- added 60 day trail. pufferTime = 12 hours (for daylight saving)
- fixed bug with accounting of A4 duplex pages (previous A4 duplex = A3) on ARM.
- every unkown format on ARM is now counted as A3.
- added error message when Pcounter balance is null or Pcounter trail periode is over.
- IM changes to the updated pcounter dlls.

OSA IM (14.12.2006)
- fixed bug with inserting jobs with clientcodes under Novell.

OSA IM (01.12.2006)
- accounting of Scans (now also on MX) and USB-Print
- fixed bug with clientcodes. When the number of clientcodes exceeds 256 a message is shown.
- maked OsaCardServer more stable (if there is a connection timeout, he will restart immediatelly)

- updated the documentation (it is now explained, how to update an installation)
- prepared the scan module

- Added log-on with username and password.
- Disabled critical settings on MX when the user enables the MFP.

- Initial Version