Pcounter for Windows - Vn 2.90d

60 day live evaluation. No restrictions on functionality. An installation guide is included with the download, and is also available on our Support web pages.

You will find all the latest change updates regarding Pcounter when running in a Windows environment on this page.

The list contains all the various versions of Pcounter and is a great way for you, the Pcounter user to see how these changes have progressed, and what developments have taken place with Pcounter, our print management software solution.

What's new in Pcounter 2.90d

Epson page count fix.
Xerox PostScript paper size counting fix.
Xerox AltaLink and VersaLink SNMP page count fix.
Account.exe - Fixed problem where comment would not be logged on group transactions.

What's new in Pcounter 2.90c

Fixed problem displaying generic LDAP users with limits.
PWA - Fixed problem searching outside the root directory when defined for users.
Canon plotter page count fix.
PCL6 page count fix.
XPS popup trigger count etc.

What's new in Pcounter 2.90a

Webclient - Fixed problem where jobs would not display.
Pcontrol - Fixed problem installing printer control service with incorrect version, causing prices to be incorrect.
PPopup - Fixed problem displaying pages and cost.

What's new in Pcounter 2.90

PPopup, WebClient (if installed outside of the program directory), Pcounter Station and Pcounter Embedded will need to be updated to the latest vertion to work with 2.90.
PWA - added option to limit user views to specific OUs.
PWA - fixed receipt on set balance operations in cashier mode.
Added counting support for jobs spooled in XPS format.
Epson ESC/PR counting fix.
Pcounter Clients - passwords of 32 or greater characters now accepted.
Data server version fixed on display.
Improved Postscript gray and duplex conversion.
New support for Canon plotter drivers.
Data server API now allows subnets.
Brother counting fix.
Fixed problem adding ID 2 in Pcounter Web Administrator.
Wbalance - added white icons for use with darker backgrounds.
Xerox Postscript counting fix.
Canon Postscript counting fix.

What's new in Pcounter 2.88

Fixed rules problem where "do not charge" action was not applied properly.
Fixed LDAPsync on data server with ID #2.
Fixed duplex and grayscale conversion rules in some cases.
Xerox Postscript PC and Mac color detection fix.
Epson page count fix.
PWA - Deposit cashier logged properly in deposits.
Canon PCL6 page count fix.
Improved Postscript Gray conversion.
Fixed problem where jobs might not have been "moved after count" if "hide document name" was selected.
Mac client - added more room for text in embedded message areas.

What's new in Pcounter 2.87

Mac client updated to work with OS X 10.11.
Fixed problem with pull printing where cross server jobs could be incomplete or corrupted.
Mac Client - Fixed problem where preferences window would not open.
Data server - Fixed problem where multiple instances would run in the background during AD scanning for Pcounter Web Administrator.
Pcounter Web Administrator - Fixed problem where nothing would show in the
Fixed problem where some jobs were not moved when "move after count" was configured.

What's new in Pcounter 2.86

Added new rules - "Not member of" condition, actions to skip popup/pause and force gray/duplex.
Fixed problems with byte size rules.
Fixed problem where group membership rules only worked if the group condition was first in the list.
Pcounter Port - Fixed problem detecting MIBS properly and not recognizing color counters.
Mac Client - Writes less console log messages and added status text to the Preferences window on errors.
HPGL/2 page count fix.
Canon inkjet page count fix.
Epson inkjet page count fix.
Web administrator - Excluded domain trusts will now be properly ignored.
Web administrator - Fixed problem where domains/users might not be shown.
Web administrator - User managers no longer see a blank window.
Web administrator - Cashier receipt balance is now updated after deposit.
Data server - Fixed problem handling passwords properly from Pcounter clients.
Data server - Updates to Pcounter Users (create/delete) will appear more quickly.
Data server - reduced memory usage and instability while building Web Administrator cache.
Account.exe - Fixed problem with SETDEFAULT using ADS paths.

What's new in Pcounter 2.85c

Pcounter Web Administrator - Fixed problem where nothing was shown for User Managers.
PAdmin - Fixed problem where report generator window was not shown.
Number of copies fix for Canon drivers.

What's new in Pcounter 2.85a

Fixed problem with rules where the rules might not trigger properly on the first condition.
Pcontrol - Fixed problem where global rules might show in a printer rules window if no printer-specific rules were defined.
Mac client now works with ID/PIN properly and has a restart option on the drop down menu.
Pcounter Web Administrator - Fixed cashier problem where the balance display was not updated on the receipt.
Pcounter Web Administrator - Can host new Pcounter WebPay 2.0 plug-in.
Epson page count fix.

What's new in Pcounter 2.85

Pcounter has new compound rules that allow multiple conditions to trigger actions, including group membership.

What's new in Pcounter 2.80a

Mac OS X client - Now works with 10.7 - 10.10. 10.6 users will have to use the older client.
Added option in Global Settings to exclude selected trusted domains from users lookups.
Added LDAP sync tool.
Fixed problem where certain Konica Minolta PCL6 color jobs could not be converted to gray.
Pcontrol - Fixed possible crashing when exporting files to another server.
Pcontrol - Fixed problem opening PDF documents for help.
Pcontrol - Fixed confusion with SNMP transport configuration.
Pcontrol - Fixed problem where occasionally it would crash when exiting the program.
PAdmin - If running on the server, will now use the system defined LDAP access credentials instead of asking the user.
PPopup/PcounterClient - Fixed problem if detected server had the port number included, is now removed.
Data server - Fixed problem processing escaped arguments on API command line.
Data server - Fixed problem where jobs might not be logged if Pcounter.log is locked by an external application.

What's new in Pcounter 2.80

Introducing Pcounter Web Administrator.
Removed SSL3 from all listening servers.
Pcounter Port - added mirror option (ie. print on multiple printers simultaneously) to the load balance protocol.
Pcounter Port - fixed instability problems using certain Sharp drivers.
Pcounter Data Server - fixed problem with daily renaming of log files if no jobs occurred on certain days.
PAdmin - fixed problem where certain client code associations could not be deleted.
PAdmin - searching supports ID numbers (in ID/PIN view) as well as names.
WSManager - no longer needs spooler functions to install.
Fixed problem with Pcounter Port "pause+move" where job might not be paused in some cases.
Fixed problem recognizing grayscale on certain Xerox PCL jobs.
Fixed problem where passwords from Mac client would be denied if Window Type=ID and Password and PcounterUsers only was selected.
Fixed problem detecting Canon grayscale jobs.
Fixed problems with Canon drivers in general may have counted 0 pages.
Adobe InDesign Postscript counting fix.
Account.exe - fixed issue with incorrect processing on long OU names.

What's new in Pcounter 2.75

Introducing the Pcounter Diagnostic, a revolutionary new hosted service to analyze and manage enterprise printing.
Pcounter Port - Added "pause+move" as an option for SNMP error handling.
Added Disable Delegate print release option for use with Pcounter Embedded products.
Fixed problem where service might not start after a reboot if the spooler was not yet initialized.
Windows generic Postscript counting fix where page count would be zero.
Fixed problem not recognizing number of copies from OCE Varioprint jobs.
Fixed problem with policy not converting Canon jobs to gray.
Fixed problem recognizing grayscale on certain Xerox Postscript jobs.
HP HPGL/2 counting fix.

Bug fixes:

Fixed problem with policy not converting Canon jobs to gray
Fixed problem where service might not start after a reboot if the spooler was not yet initialized.
Windows generic Postscript counting fix where page count would be zero.
Fixed problem not recognizing number of copies from OCE Varioprint jobs.
Fixed problem recognizing grayscale on certain Xerox Postscript jobs
HP HPGL/2 counting fix.

What's new in Pcounter 2.73

Printer control service and WSManager Will now use remote credentials to communicate with remote data servers if necessary.
Now logs access denied incidents via policies and job cancels from popup clients to reject log.
Improved grayscale policies on Xerox drivers.
Added email STARTTLS option to use port 587, previously was only on port 25.
Account.exe - improved command handling when using domain\user syntax.
WSManager - now allows free quota as an accounting option.
PAdmin/Account.exe - Fixed possible hanging on operations with nested groups.
PPopup/PcounterClient.exe - Supports /session option where name/password applies to session and can be used along with client code list, associations, etc.
Fixed problem where workstation name might not have been preserved in logging when jobs moved to other printers.
Fixed problem where jobs from Webprint would have zero cost.
Fixed problem with SNMP counting on Konica Minolta printers when printer errors such as paper out occurred.
Fixed problem with SNMP counting on raw PDF files.
Fixed problem detecting duplex from Pcounter WebPrint jobs.
Webclient - Fixed problem where jobs would not clear from display if match user name option was selected.
Webclient - Fixed problem recording client codes with spaces and ampersands properly.
PcounterClient.exe now supports the /msgonly option.
Generic Postscript page counting fixes.
Generic Postscript color detection fix.
QPDL driver counting fixes.

What's new in Pcounter 2.72

Added printer "deny access" policy.
Added "Hide document name while processing" privacy option if used with
Added LPD server option to simplify dotted user names such as those coming from Novell systems.
Added Friendly Name SMTP option and STARTTLS and SSL options for encryption.
Fixed problem where color page counts might not have been recorded.
Fixed problem jobs would not be paused if a skip popup/pause and move job after popup condition were both encountered.
Fixed Mac popup client problems with %U substitution and client code associations when sessions are used.
Account.exe - fixed problem with "Account backup" command backing up user data for free quota if balance and limit both zero.
WSManager - Fixed problem where jobs might not have been logged properly.
PAdmin - Now deletes client code associations properly when client codes are deleted.
PcounterClient/PPopup - Fixed problem where only one message would appear if MsgBoxNotify option used.
Fixed problem where a job might be recorded as color even if a grayscale policy was applied.
Fixed problem processing long passwords from PcounterClients.
Fixed possible problem with high CPU utilization with PcounterClient for Mac.
Fixed policy problem converting Sharp and Konica Minolta PCL to grayscale.
Kyocera PCL page count fix.
HP PCL page count fix.
HP Mac Postscript page count fix.
Smallworld psplot Postscript page count fix.

What's new in Pcounter 2.71a

Pcontrol - Enhanced "export settings to another server" to include Pcounter configurations for identically named printers on destination servers.
Fixed problem with account balance display being one transaction behind in log file.
Fixed page counting on jobs containing JDF job headers.

What's new in Pcounter 2.71

Added printer options - Move job after count/popup.
Added printer option - Keep queue paused.
Added printer option - Auto client code.
PPopup and PcounterClient have new IntegrateINI option, so that PcounterClient.ini can be integrated into a single EXE file for distribution.
Fixed problem where color jobs assigned zero cost even if Enable Color Detection was disabled.
Fixed LPD server on Windows 2012 where incoming jobs would not get printed.
Pcontrol - Fixed moving jobs between queues with different classes of drivers on Windows 2012.
PAdmin - Fixed automated scheduled jobs on Windows 2012.
PAdmin - Fixed crash when selecting LDAP server.
PAdmin - Fixed sorting on auto client code column.
Toshiba Postscript counting fix.

What's new in Pcounter 2.70c

PAdmin - Fixed problems with balance display.
PAdmin - Now properly renames client code associations if client codes are renamed.
Data server - Account balance notification messages for low balance limit will not be sent if free quota is used and free quota is greater than zero.
WSManager - Will work on default Windows 8 configurations by changing Remote Registry service startup from disabled to manual.
Xerox wide format HPGL/2 counting fix.
Konica Minolta PCL5 driver counting fix.

What's new in Pcounter 2.70a

Pcounter Port - Fixed issue where second job could be generated if policy enforced.
Data server - Fixed leak on non-paged pool memory.
PAdmin - Fixed problem handling PcounterUsers with 16 or more identical characters.
Account.exe - Fixed problem processing PcounterUsers.

What's new in Pcounter 2.70

Added printer policies to force duplex or grayscale.
Fixed problems recognizing users in remote/trusted domains.
LDAP passwords accepted in popups, configurable in Global Settings, instead of via separate DLL.
WSD Ports recognized and supported in Pcontrol and conversion to Pcounter ports.
Pcounter Port works with auto-configuration in Lexmark drivers.
Fixed problems with Pcounter Ports possibly corrupting large print jobs.
LPD server - fixed problem receiving large print jobs.
Account.exe - Fixed problem in CGI mode where only deposit was shown.
WSManager - Fixed problem getting page counts on various printer drivers.
Pcounter clients - Fixed problem processing individual printer popup messages.
Pcounter Port - Fixed SNMP page counting on HP Color, Konica Minolta magicolor/bizhub laser printers.
Kip Postscript number of copies fix.
Kyocera PCL6 color page count fix.
Dell PCL number of copies counting fix.
Ricoh Postscript color detection fix.

What's new in Pcounter 2.62c

Fixed problem where old Mac clients 2011.09.10 and earlier would not detect servers.
Generic Mac PCL counting fix.

What's new in Pcounter 2.62a

Pcounter now tries to predict extra blank duplex impressions on documents with odd numbers of pages, and not charge for them.
Fixed extra floating HTML tags in printer alerts.
Fixed page count problems when collate specified.
Fixed problem where PcounterClient client code associations lists were empty.
PPopup - Fixed possible crash problem if using client code associations.
Pcontrol - Added client ports to cluster config UI.
Pcontrol - Fixed problem where SNMP might not be enabled.
PAdmin - Fixed problem where LDAP options might not be shown.
PcounterReporting - Fixed problem using favorites saved from PAdmin.

What's new in Pcounter 2.62

Added email alerts on printer errors and warnings.
Added new client raw IP port in addition to current secure port.
PAdmin - LDAP browsing is now built in instead of requiring DLL.
PcounterPrint - Fixed problem running WSManager install scripts.
PcounterPrint - Fixed memory leak when using Pcounter Clients.
Data server - Fixed instability with Pcounter Clients when using Client Code associations.
Data server - Fixed problem not showing OES/eDir balance with Wbalance in OES mode.
Fixed problem processing rules with job spooled as EMF (advanced printing features on).
Fixed problem applying proper cost on plot jobs with multiple copies specified.
PcounterClient - Fixed problem processing client codes with ampersands and other extended characters.
PPopup/PcounterClient - Fixed problem on tray tooltip if window title greater than 25 characters.
PPopup/PcounterClient - Will now go idle if user session is locked.
WSManager - Fixed problem recording popup-related data.
WSManager - Fixed problem where Pcounter.exe crashed during install script.
Pcounter Port - Fixed spooler crash in SNMP status check.
Pcounter Port - Fixed SNMP page counting on Kyocera laser printers.
Webclient - Increased size of POST buffer so that more jobs can be released at one time.
Xerox PS and PCL driver counting fixes.
Brother inkjet printer counting fix.
Epson wide format counting fix.
KIP HPGL counting fix.
Kyocera Postscript wide format counting fix.
Canon LBP counting fix.
Fixed page counting on jobs containing JDF job headers.
Samsung QPDL counting fix.
Toshiba Postscript color detection fix.

What's new in Pcounter 2.61

Added page count support for Epson 9900 plotters.
Added page count support for Canon LBP printers.
Fixed instability from long document names from apps such as Google Docs.
Data server - Fixed possible problem dealing with Pcounter Clients and client code associations.
Data server - Fixed problem handling passwords greater than 16 characters.
Fixed color detection with Samsung PCL 6.
Fixed color detection with Canon UFR.
Fixed page counts with Konica Minolta secure print selected.
Mac PcounterClient - Made universal binary build and fixed problems with OS X 10.7.
Changed printer name from share name to printer name in popup messages.
Fixed LPD server on Windows clusters.
Fixed PcounterClient problems on Windows clusters.
Fixed problems with PcounterClients receiving notification messages.
Fixed problem with receiving notification messages from jobs sent via load balance.
Fixed Postscript plot size detection problem.
Xerox Postscript accounting fix.

What's new in Pcounter 2.60a

Added printer configuration option to delete paused jobs after X minutes, overriding the server default.
Fixed issues where Mac client might not popup properly.
Data server - Fixed problem authenticating passwords from PcounterUsers accounts.
PcounterClient - fixed problem where entire command line would be used erroneously in server list.
PPopup/PcounterClient - fixed positioning of information message.
WSManager - Fixed problem distributing PPopup to workstations.
WSManager - Fixed problem receiving some notification messages.
Account.exe - Fixed problem with ACCOUNT BACKUP for domains.
PCLXL paper size detection fix.
PCL counting fix.
Xerox PCLXL number of copies counting fix.
Canon PCL counting fix.

Whats's new in Pcounter 2.60

New clients for Windows and OS X using IP port communication have been integrated.
Added new rule action - Move job and pause.
Adding counting support for desktop HP LaserJets. (XQX driver) Adding counting support for Fuji Xerox/Dell HBPL drivers.
Adding counting support for Brother MFC printers.
Added SNMP color counting support on Canon MFPs.
PAdmin - now supports Free Quota displays in print histories and accounting reports.
Printer control service - will now reject paper sizes appropriately before popups and rules.
Pcontrol - Now supports remote Pcounter server configuration from all Windows platforms.
Pcontrol - fixed problem where printer selection functionality would be disabled using Windows 7.
Pcontrol - Fixed "Invalid printer address" error in Custom View if SNMP disabled.
Pcounter Port - fixed problem where Load Balance --> Online Status test jobs would collect in print queue.
Account.exe - Fixed problem running transactions from member computers.
PPopup - Now supports hot URLs in information messages.
PPopup - fixed problem receiving messages when /msgonly option is selected.
PCL grayscale detection fix.
Fixed problem where jobs supposed to be paused by rule were not paused.
Fixed paper size detection on Canon wide format plotters.
Fixed Sharp PCL6 color detection.
Postscript number of copies fix.
Canon UFR counting fix.
Canon PCL counting fix.
PCL and PCLXL paper size detection fixes.
Brother PCL counting fix.
KIP Postscript paper size and page count fixes.

What's new in Pcounter 2.55

Now supports 2 id numbers in Pcounter Pro apps.
Account.exe - Fixed problem modifying users with spaces in usernames during OU/Group transactions.
Account.exe - Fixed problem recursing OUs beyond 1 level in automated transactions.
Account.exe - Now supports PcounterUsers without preceding '*' character.
PPopup - Will launch a URL if the user clicks in a notification balloon and the message contains that URL.
PPopup - Added MaxAutoReply and ShowPopupOnSingleCode options.
PPopup - Fixed problem where MatchUsername was ignored in PcounterClient.ini.
PPopup - Fixed NDSID option problems with displaying confirmation messages.
PAdmin - Now supports nested groups in reports.
PAdmin - Fixed problem allowing commas in auto client code entry form.
PAdmin - Fixed crash while printing from Pcounter report viewer in Windows 7.
PAdmin - Added "Disbursement history" to accounting reports.
PAdmin - Fixed problem displaying account balance reports.
PAdmin - Now displays AD common name instead of SAM account name for groups.
PAdmin - Fixed problem remembering Statement View in custom reports.
Webclient - Fixed problem in Preferences where checkboxes could not be checked.
Webclient - Added "Always match username on job" option.
Pcounter Port - Fixed SNMP counting problem on A3/Tabloid paper sizes when "Divide page count in half" option was selected.
Pcounter Port - Fixed problem printing documents with long file names via LPR.
Pcounter Port - Fixed problem where job would be paused twice if job moved if printer down and popup enabled on destination printer.
Printer control service - Fixed problem where original job may have been deleted if "Delete Duplicate Jobs" was selected.
Printer control service - Fixed problem where Count Jobs in Advance would not be applied to jobs submitted via LPR.
Data server - Fixed problem offsetting fields when reading auto client codes with commas.
Data server - Fixed problem mapping to doman accounts instead of local accounts if duplicate names exist.
Data server - If auto client code is not found in directory, Will now additionally read from database.
Windows/Mac Postscript counting fixes.
HPGL paper size detection fix.

What's new in Pcounter 2.54c

Account.exe - Fixed problem running SETGROUPDEFAULT option
PPopup - Added MsgBoxNotify option for notification messages
PPopup - Added Simplified Chinese language support
PPopup - Fixed problem where certain configuration options may not have been applied
PAdmin - Fixed problem reading AD attributes from users with forward slash characters in CNs
PAdmin - Fixed problem where checkboxes in report generator preferences were not shown
Pcounter Port - Fixed LPR problem where jobs got stuck with "Error/Printing: Sending control file (4)" message
Pcounter Port - Fixed page count problems with black & white Konica Minolta bizhubs
Wbalance - added DisableMSG option to disable NET SEND broadcast messages
Fixed problem where PCL6 jobs were rejected when "Print smallest job next" was selected
Konica Minolta PCL6 counting fix
Updated Pcounter Netware Helper service

What's new in Pcounter 2.54a

PPopup/Wbalance - Fixed problem handling large notification messages
PAdmin - Fixed problem saving files from the Pcounter report viewer
RISO Postscript duplex and color detection fixes
Kyocera Taskalfa PCL6 paper size detection fix
Kyocera Taskalfa PCL5 paper size detection fix

What's new in Pcounter 2.54

New feature - Print smallest job (in bytes) next
Printer Control Service - Fixed problem detecting AD email addresses
Printer Control Service - Fixed problem where spool files would not be deleted in some Pcounter Pro pull printing operations
Printer Control Service - Pcounter Pro pull printing operations now recognize original usernames with Windows 2008
PPopup - Improved client code search functionality
Popup - Added centre option so that the popup window will always be centred on the display
PPopup - Fixed problem where print servers not shown in list if referenced by IP address instead of name
PPopup - If window type is ID/Password and password authentication is Pcounter Users Only, then the user name field will now start blank by default
PAdmin - Fixed problem saving free quotas with "Save all balances" option
Admin/Account.exe - Fixed crash problem automating transactions on long group/OU names
Account.exe - Fixed problem crashing if Global Settings not set
Account.exe - Fixed problem recursing OUs with spaces in names
Pcounter Port - Added address option that will automatically pause jobs sent to print, to be used with Pcounter Pro dedicated pull queues
Pcounter Port - Fixed problem where number of copies logged might have been incorrect with SNMP page counting
Pcounter Port - Now automatically restarts the job if a socket error 10022 occurs
Pcounter Port - Fixed problem adjusting SNMP page counts when banners are used
Pcounter Port - SNMP page counting support added for Kyocera Mita printers
Fixed Xerox Postscript problem detecting duplex when duplex not selected
PCL5 paper size detection fix
PCL6 color detection fix

What's new in Pcounter 2.53a

Fixed orientation of various UI components when using multiple monitors.
Fixed some Windows 7 display issues.
Pcounter Port - Fixed crash in opening printer properties --> Configure Port on x64.
Webclient - Fixed "unable to start" problem on x64.
Fixed problem where LPR jobs might have been inadvertantly anonymized.
Pcontrol - Fixed broken SNMP on Windows 2008.
Kyocera-Mita Postscript counting fix.
Web reporting - Fixed problem where non-administrators could not open log files.

What's new in Pcounter 2.53

Pcounter Port - Added pause/delete job options if SNMP detects printer offline
LPD server - Added anonymize user name option
WSManager - Now distributes software properly to x64 clients
New Web report CGI application
Updated UI on all web CGI apps
PPopup - If only one client code association is in the list for a user and "Client code only from list" is selected, then PPopup will automatically apply the client code to each print job without prompting the user
PPopup - Added Restart menu option
PPopup - c:\windows\PPopup.ini has been replaced with PcounterClient.ini in the same directory as PPopup.exe
PPopup - Fixed crashing problem when choosing a previously selected client code
PPopup - Fixed crashing problem when entering long passwords
PAdmin - Added support for recursing child OUs in account balance transactions
PAdmin - Fixed problem displaying email address fields in reports
PAdmin - Fixed problem displaying subcodes in reports
PAdmin - Fixed problem setting auto client codes for members groups outside the OU being viewed
PAdmin - Fixed help file links in main menu
PAdmin - Fixed problems setting balances and auto client codes for groups in NDS mode
PAdmin - Fixed crashing on long AD path names
PAdmin - Fixed problem where long client codes were truncated in reports
PAdmin - Fixed problem displaying OUs with special characters
Account.exe - Added SETGROUPDEFAULT option for settings default balances on security groups
Account.exe - Added /S command line option to recurse child OUs for transactions
Account.exe - Fixed automation problems on AD group and OU transactions
Data server - Fixed crashing problem on Windows 2008 clusters
Data server - Fixed problem where account balance notification messages may not have been properly sent
Webclient - Fixed problem where account balances may not have been shown properly
Pcounter Port - Fixed problem where speed cache buffer setting did not stick using LPR protocol
WSManager - Added option to set PPopup command line options
Fixed problem sending notification messages on rules where jobs were paused
Fixed problem where full name might not be shown on banner pages
Fixed "unknown user" issue with Netware integration
Epson plotter paper size fix
Epson printer paper size fix
PostScript duplex detection fix
Konica Minolta pagepro PCL counting fix

What's new in Pcounter 2.52

Added maximum job move rules in Global Settings
Auto client codes may now be automatically specified as an AD attribute in the data server configuration
Free Quota is now added to account balance totals in banner if enabled in printer configuration
PAdmin - Reports may now be sent directly via email as a new "action"
PAdmin - Now supports nested groups in account balance transactions. (See Preferences)
PAdmin - Enhanced the AD filter
PAdmin - Reject.log is no longer included in standard print reports, must be specified separately
Pcounter Port - Fixed port installation issues with Windows 7
Pcounter Port - Messaging is now supported for load balancing and jobs moved when SNMP status detects printer is down
PPopup - Fixed problem always displaying free quota as 0
PPopup - Fixed problem with matter number list where matter numbers would drop one character on the end
PPopup - Fixed problem where client code associations for group membership were not shown
Pcontrol - Visual changes to toolbar and menus
Pcontrol - Fixed intermittent print history problem
Account.exe - Fixed problem in CGI mode where the logged in user was not logged correctly as the user making the transactions
Balance.exe - Fixed problem where numerical format was always Pages instead of Currency.
WSManager - Fixed problem with error "Unable to determine Pcounter install directory"
LPD server may now listen on an alternate port number other than 515
PDF and Help file are renamed to PcounterWin.*
Fixed problem where rules set to delete jobs were paused instead
Fixed problem in "delete duplicate jobs"
PCL 6 page counting fix
Sharp Postscript counting fix
Postscript color detection fix
Postscript N-Up detection fix

What's new in Pcounter 2.51a

Fixed time logging problem where job logging may have been off by 1 hour.
Pcontrol - Fixed problem in Popup configuration where Maximum client code and subcode lengths did not allow lengths greater than 19.
PPopup - Fixed problem where selected client codes may have been truncated at 19 characters.
PPopup - Fixed problem where client code associations were not shown if codes were longer than 20 characters.
PAdmin - Fixed account balance reports if groups or multiple users selected.

What's new in Pcounter 2.51

Windows 2008 Server Core is now supported.
It is now possible to set "Delete All Jobs after X Minutes", in addition to "Delete Paused Jobs after X Minutes".
Client code and subcode lengths have been extended to 50 characters. (Database must be re-created.)
Pcounter Port - The TCP/IP transmission performance enhancement from 2.50a is now optional, and the port now has a Speed Cache Buffer size configuration option.
Pcounter Port - Added color page count support for OKI printers.
Added popup Job ID option "Use computer name as ID (Read only)".
Reject log expanded fields and renamed from REJECT.TXT to REJECT.LOG.
Pcontrol - Fixed problem with Port Wizard and Port Migrator where long DNS names were not detected.
Pcontrol - Now displays Device Status properly on Konica Minolta machines.
Pcontrol - Fixed problem where popup profiles were not deleted properly.
PAdmin - Changed PrinterPopupUsers display name to "Pcounter Users".
PAdmin - Fixed problem where cost and balance might appear as 0, if Numerical Format=Pages.
PAdmin - Fixed problem where reports would not include zero page jobs.
PAdmin - Fixed problem where although the account balances were processed correctly, incorrect account balances were logged on multiple selection transactions.
PAdmin - Fixed problem where automated transactions on multiple selected users would be assigned repeatedly to the first user.
PAdmin - Fixed problem where LDAP add-in DLL caused crash.
PAdmin - Fixed problem where full names would not show in reports if AD present and domain being viewed in flat NT4 mode.
PAdmin - Fixed problem in reports where Excel boolean output would be formatted incorrectly.
PAdmin - Fixed problem where the "report from" option would not stick between sessions.
PAdmin - Fixed "Set Balance History" report problem where amounts set would appear as zero.
PPopup - Now does not check for print jobs when screen saver is active, allowing power management options to work more effectively.
Pcounter Data Server - Stability fix for Windows 2008 clusters.
Wbalance - Is now able to disable the freee quota display.
Fixed issue where broadcast messages may have intermittently not been sent.
Fixed problem where jobs were deleted instead of paused due to rule actions.
Fixed problem where color page counts were recorded improperly if Duplex->Divide page count in half used with SNMP page counting.
Mac Acrobat Postscript number of copies fix.
Sharp PostScript counting fix.

What's new in Pcounter 2.50

New and improved report generator.
PrinterPopupUsers are now allowed to have Auto Client codes.
SMTP user names are now allowed to be blank with no authentication.
Pcounter Data Server - Fixed problem sending account balance notification broadcast messages.
Fixed SMTP email authentication issues with some servers, notably Exchange.
Account.exe - The SETDEFAULT option now works for AD organizational units.
Pcontrol - Fixed problem saving Pcounter Port Load Balance information properly on clusters.
Pcontrol - Fixed problem saving long host access lists in LPD server configuration.
Pcontrol - Fixed license recognition problem when running from remote workstations.
Pcontrol - The HP auto-driver-config function should work now when opening the printer properties from inside Pcontrol.
PAdmin - Added AD Filter button and additional options.
PAdmin - Fixed problem with slow sorting on column clicks.
PAdmin - Fixed problem with no sorting in Pcounter Pro ID/PIN view.
PAdmin - Fixed problem with LockOU command line option.
PAdmin - Fixed problem where subcodes were not deleted if client codes were deleted.
Pcounter Port - Fixed spooler crash problem on Windows 2008 using Load Balancing and/or moving jobs on SNMP status detection.
Pcounter Port - Now supporting Toshiba e-StudIO machines for interactive SNMP page counting.
Pcounter Port - Fixed SNMP page count problems on Konica Minolta black and white bizhubs.
PPopup - If printers are loaded dynamically and no servers are detected, will now keep trying to detect servers.
Webclient - Fixed problem with Invalid POST (NoArg) errors.
Webclient - A theme color may now be defined.
Canon UFR page count fix.
Postscript and PCL5 counting fixes for number of copies collated.
Oce PCL6 page count fix.
Epson linear meter cost calculation fix.

What's new in Pcounter 2.43c

Added support for Canon UFR drivers.
Added support for ZIMF host based drivers usually found on lower-end HP printers.
Added option for user lookup from an additional non-trusted domain.
Windows 2008 clusters - Fixed problems installing and using Pcounter Data resource.
Pcounter Port - Fixed "invalid token" problem on Vista/2008 with LPR and OtherPrinter protocols.
Pcounter Port - Print Operators will no longer get "Access Denied" errors when managing ports via printer properties.
Account.exe - Fixed problem setting client code associations for AD organizational units.
WSManager - Fixed problem with PPopup recognizing default profile incorrectly.
WSManager - Fixed problem where simple file sharing may have been incorrectly detected.
Pcontrol - Fixed problem saving print jobs.
Pcontrol - Fixed problem saving multiple printer price configurations when configuring prices alone.
PAdmin - Fixed some display/operational issues running on Windows versions earlier than XP.
PAdmin - Fixed Account Balance report to show free quotas.
PAdmin - Fixed problem where Pcounter Pro database would be locked for writing after database reindex.
PPopup - Fixed problem where /Profile command line switch only worked as the last option in the command line.
PPopup - Improved resync with servers when Pcounter Printer Control service is restarted.
OCE PCL6 duplex detection fix.
Canon PCL5 color detection fix.
Linux Postscript counting fix.

What's new in Pcounter 2.43a

Fixed printer control service crash issue.
PAdmin/Account.exe - Fixed problem setting balances with Numerical Format = Pages.
PAdmin - Fixed problem sorting on auto client codes.
Data Server service - Fixed problem renaming log files.
Data Server service - Fixed problem where domain lookups would fail, causing account balances to be shown as zero.
PPopup - Now allows multiple /server command line options.
PPopup - Fixed message display problem where text did not wrap properly.
PPopup - Fixed display problem with Window Type = ID and Password where controls were not properly shown.

What's new in Pcounter 2.43

Added new free quota feature which can be used in addition to account balance.
More user interface updates.
New PPopup option - Show confirmation after login.
PPopup now has configurable icon displays.
LPR jobs submitted with 'username@domain' now have user names 
truncated after the '@'.
Pcounter Port - Using OtherPrinter protocol, Number of Jobs Counted 
Ahead can now be any value.
Data Server service - Fixed problem with PrinterPopupUsers jobs 
truncated at 15 characters.
KIP HPGL driver number of copies counting fix.