Kyocera embedded Vn 2018.01.18

Supports embedded Print Release & Copy Accounting on Kyocera HyPAS compatible devices

Pcounter for Kyocera Change Log


Now supports delegate print release


Fixed problem related to firmware update where jobs would not be logged.
Fixed display problems on some FS* models.
Fixed client code display problems with European characters.
Cancel button added to workspace/strict accounting login screen.
AD card ID lookup now supports global catalog.
Added auto client code to device profile configuration.

Improved touch sensitivity of UI screens.
Added option to check printer online status before releasing jobs. 
Added Application, Logout, Continue as options in the login workspace. 
Replaced backup/restore option with "Export settings to another server". 
Scan server service may now be configured to login with a credential. 
Added STARTTLS and SSL options for scan server email encryption.
Fixed problem where scanning was not logged correctly. 
Fixed problem where users would not be sent to the workspace if a new card association was made. 
Fixed problem where USB printing would not be logged correctly. 
Fixed problem where USB card access would restore the previous user session after the MFP went into sleep mode. 
If workspace is not used, the user will now be sent to the system defined default application instead of copy. 
Fixed problem where intermittently jobs would not be recorded. 
Fixed problem where access to fax was denied. 
Fixed problem where pull printing would not work from remote servers. 




Login workspace - if single application selected, will now go directly to that application.
Added backup configuration files option.
Added logout button to login workspace.
Fixed problem at login where print jobs would be automatically released if an invalid client code was entered.
General MFP/Server communication performance improvements.

- Package file loads properly now on older models. pcounter1.pkg is for TA 300i, 420i, 520i, 552ci, and pcounter2.pkg is for all other models.
- Fixed problem where card data would be cached across sessions if swipe to logout was selected.
- Fixed problem when logging in using external method such as biometric where the login workspace was skipped.
- Fixed various navigation issues using the workspaces.


Added simple client code entry form as an option.
- Fixed problem with spaces and quotation marks in client codes.
- When a user closes an appplication in the Pcounter workspace, the application now returns to the Pcounter workspace and not the main screen. (Not during login though.)
- If a user chooses color copy from the job limit screen, then workflow moves properly now to the color copy screen instead of the B+W copy screen.

1) Added threaded release-all print jobs at login; allows quicker login.

1) changed error message from "License 1" error, to one showing device IP allowing easier config.

1) Fixed character set bug between utf-8 and windows; umlauts again.
2) Added limit timeout, non-activity timeouts, to client-code, sub-code, and limit screens; When a user does nothing for 30 seconds on these screens; they revert back to the original login screen.
3) Fixed login bug, user's page counts were not being zero'd in the machine when they logged in, this was causing a mis-count, and not properly limiting the number of pages.
4) Fixed url escape parameters, usernames with odd characters like "+" or "/" at the beginning
where not being excaped properly by javascript; fixed that.

1) More Umlaut bug fixes
2) Added "synchronize server with MFP" option

1) Fixed Umlaut bug with login; changed "escape" to "encodeURI"

1) Created inactivity screen change for registering unknown cards; if the user swipes and unknown card; the registration screen comes up; and they walk away; the screen will revert to the login screen after 30 seconds of inactivity.

1) Fixed login bug on the embedded; where the embedded would exceed the maximum number of users after an amount of time.
2) Fixed login bug when user(s) logged in/logged out too fast for the machine to properly change/keep state; cause an error; now makes the user logout when state is not correct.

1) Fixed bug havin to do with encryption; embedded created garbage for passwords intermittenly, not allowing login; fixed.
2) Fixed bug in javascript freezing up machine from sleep; changed poll time for card swipes from 1 second to 3 seconds.

1) Added biometric login support.

1) Fixed login bug; made it so user name was unique everytime by concatenating with an integer which is incremented each time.
2) Fixed bug in favorites where url escaped codes and description was saved and shown on the printer came from fixing previous bug in client code.

1) New version of client code browser.
2) Fixed bug in embbeded dealing with client codes and spaces.
3) Added favorites.

1 ) Mask Username when the option, Mask ID numbers, is checked.
2) Clear username after failed login attempt; added as option.
3) When logging in with client-code only, give users full admin privileges.
4) improved client-code html to allow users to rotate through codes