You can already manage your access control using your smartphone or smartwatch?

Friday, 4th August, 2017

The BBC recently shared an article from their Jumpstarting Japan series which looked at how keys are set to become a thing of the past. Click here to see their post.

At AIT we are already well aware of this phenomenon as our access control partner, SALTO, has been reinventing the key for many years and their mobile key solution, JustIN smartphone access control, is already being used in many buildings round the world.

Today everything is moving fast in the digital world from getting around to entering buildings, more and more everyday systems are becoming digitalised and that includes the way we use keys. So, we definitely agree with the BBC that keys are set to become a thing of the past.

Do you sometimes lose your keys to your home, hotel room or office? Do you find yourself routing around in your pockets or at the bottom of your bag trying to find them on a daily basis? If you have a bunch of keys do you find it difficult trying to find the right key for the right door? From house keys, car keys, office keys to even a key for your mum and dad’s house, I know I do. Every day I get home and try to find the right key for my front door while holding my handbag, my laptop bag, my lunch bag, my phone and a bag of shopping from the supermarket.

Moving to a mobile key is the answer. The idea of your phone or watch being able to, quite literally, open your door fills me with excitement! In addition, with nearly as many smartphone and smartwatch owners in the world as there are people, it would make sense to use these devices as a key too.

If you think about it, what can’t we do from our smartphones or smart watches today? It can be our wallet or purse, diary, computer, games console, stereo, personal trainer, newspaper, supermarket, television, cinema and obviously our phone, which leads us to believe that there is more smartphone and watch development to come in the future. Using your smartphone or watch as a key is already available, and is really starting to take off, especially in the hospitality industry, that’s right the technology is already here to finally get rid of the traditional lock and key.

So how does it all work? JustIN by SALTO is app based and the solution uses BLE to communicate between your smartphone or watch to an electronic lock. The mobile key is sent 'over the air' (OTA) via the SPACE management software to the JustIN mobile key app on your registered/verified smartphone or watch. This now allows you to simply present your phone or watch to the relevant lock and for you to gain access TA DAH! Easy as that. Data transmissions and the mobile key are encrypted and secured against cloning and as these digital keys are sent OTA users can receive keys anytime and anywhere and can be used alongside or replace RFID credentials.

If you would to learn more about JustIN, smartphone access control solution from SALTO click here.  Alternatively contact our team on 0113 273 0300 or email . We are ready for the digital future with JustIN Are you?