Why UK universities need time and attendance systems

Monday, 3rd September, 2018

The new academic year is upon us and while todays’ students are much more switched on about the support they expect from universities, there’s no getting away from the fact that freshers are particularly vulnerable when it comes to mental health issues.  

Student wellbeing is high on everyone’s agenda and expectations are greater than ever for UK universities with regard to the standard of support they offer. 

With Universities UK reporting that 94% of universities have seen a large increase in the number of students trying to access student support services, surely it makes sense to be on the front foot when it comes to student welfare. 

Students can and do frequently hide many issues but their engagement in campus life (or lack of) is often a vital indication that things may not be going so well.  Universities need to focus on both prevention and early intervention and a whole university approach is vital to the success of any scheme.

Working together

Investing in an attendance and engagement solution can be key to the successful management of student wellbeing.  Understanding how they are engaging in student life is vital, and we don’t just mean their academic life.  How they engage in wider university life can give a much clearer indication of their sense of place and mental health. 

AIT’s solution offers automated attendance and engagement monitoring that eliminates most of the manual processes and with this mobile/cloud based system you have real time tracking of attendance. 

Easily integrated with access control solutions it allows students to tap in to their lectures or seminars using their ID cards, or even smartphones, eliminating the need for lecturers to go through the registration process, meaning they gain precious tutoring time. 

Used with access control to monitor other on campus facilities such as the gym, library, food hall, recreation areas, etc. you gain a full insight into your students’ engagement.  

Armed with this valuable information your support staff will be ready to offer support and guidance where needed if any students appear to be in danger of becoming disillusioned with university life for whatever reason.  

It also meets the UKVI Tier 4 criteria for overseas students. 

Third party applications 

AIT’s software also works seamlessly with other 3rd party applications to let you streamline timetabling, curriculum planning and schedule management, thereby reducing administration and staff workload. 

You can find out more about our powerful attendance and engagement solution by visiting our website  or downloading a datasheet 

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