Why do universities need a good attendance and engagement solution?

Friday, 1st September, 2017

The challenges and expectations college and universities face in the UK today are greater than ever. With higher tuition fees, a demand for new technologies, the need for all institutions to be able to operate in a global market and to respond to rising student expectations, it’s a tough sector to be in.

With all these challenges to manage, you need to ensure you take advantage of the available solutions which will  help you overcome them. A good attendance and engagement solution can plays its part, AIT’s solutions are here to help you retain students and reduce costs.

Attendance is a huge factor in the success of any educational institutions therefore, it is important a good solution be in place to monitor student activity and engagement. Attending lectures and seminars, as you will be aware, provides students with the opportunities to develop and then successfully complete their degree, resulting in less students dropping out A decrease in attendance and engagement are a great way to spot early warning of signs of those students that may not stay the course and eventually abandon their studies. If you don’t have an attendance and engagement solution in place now is the time to move this up your agenda. If you have already implemented something check it provides all the tools and reports you need and work with your supplier to make sure it is delivery what you need it to.

AIT’s attendance and engagement software is a powerful solution that is cloud based and easy to use. The solution offers tools to improve and drive student retention and works seamlessly with your door access and security system. Each swipe of a student’s ID card is recorded for attendance and allows access to buildings and lecture theatres. This data is recorded to your SQL database and can then be used to report on each student. The solution also offers curriculum planning, timetabling and schedule management tools and keeping up with the demand for new technologies, it allows students to record attendance via iBeacons or mobile phone apps.

It saves lecturers time as they no longer need to take a paper based or manual register and more time can be dedicated to the lecture rather than registration. The solution can assist greatly in the safety of your students as it works alongside your other resources such as access control, Print and copy solutions as you are able to use the same ID card for all, giving the humble Id card multifunction’s. You can track students movements across campus or by date and see where they‘ve been and at what time, giving you a greater understanding of how engaged they are with campus life and helping to keep them safe.

Life becomes much easier for the student and staff as buildings are easily accessed and registrations are taken automatically, this benefits the university or college as it  helps to maximise teaching time and reduce overall administration resource.

By selecting an attendance and engagement solution from AIT you benefit from  an intelligent attendance and engagement solution as well as AIT’s expertise and many years experience in ID management. Our consultative approach will ensure you get the best solution using the best technologies available., ,

If you would like to find out more about how our attendance and engagement solution can help you overcome some of those challenges we mentioned at the beginning click here to watch our short video. Alternatively you can call us on 113 273 0300 or email solutions@ait.co.uk