Why cloud printing ticks the innovation box

Monday, 16th July, 2018

In today's world a company or organisation is often spread across various locations sometimes just in one country but often across continents.  And whether it has 10, 50 or 5,000 employees they will inevitably be using different devices and printers and even more so if they have a BYOD policy.  We live in a fast paced environment where people expect things to be instant and readily accessible and one where innovation is key.

According to the Harvey Nash/KPMG 2017 survey 34% of CIOS questioned said their top reason for moving to the cloud is the accelerated product innovation and cloud print management is already yielding changes.

Patented technology

Using One Q’s patented solution, files are stored securely in the cloud until the user authenticates themselves at their chosen device when those files are then converted and the job is released.  This one driver technology is easily deployed and maintained and is perfect for an organisation with a printer fleet that consists of various models and manufacturers.

This feature rich pull printing solution means that your printing is always secure and easy to manage and fewer print drivers means it’s easier to support, freeing up your IT team to work on more important projects.

Serverless printing

With printing managed via the cloud you don’t need to worry about software patches, security updates or server maintenance as it’s all done for you.  Plus it’s backed by advanced fail-over and load balancing capabilities so that your printing is more reliable and always-on.  Not having print servers on premises will also save you money and reduce your carbon footprint plus removed the burden of maintenance.


With One Q security matters.  It uses SSL/TLS network encryption and symmetric AES-256 cipher encryption to ensure against your data being intercepted.  In addition to this we recognise that some organisations such as banks, military and heath care need even more levels of security and so the platform architecture is designed with this in mind so allows for customized special security features to be added.

You can read more about these and other innovations that One Q cloud print management offers in our latest brochure or watch our video.

Alternatively if you’d like to speak to our cloud print management expert, Nick Taylor, why not call him on 0113 273 0300 or email solutions@ait.co.uk