Why a visitor management solution in education is important

Monday, 20th November, 2017

We are now well into the new autumn term and with the frost on my car this morning the summer feels like a very distant memory. The autumn term brings with it a busy period for schools, colleges and universities, welcoming new students and trying to get them back into their studies after their long summer break. The new term also brings with it the same concerns institutions face year after year, the safeguarding of students and staff.

All educational institutions need to ensure the safety of their students and to do this they need to be able to identity all visitors that come onto their premises. In our latest blog we focus on this and how visitor management software can help you effectively manage and control this.

A traditional hand-written signing in book has too many potential risks and scope for human error such as not being completed properly or even at completed at all! Hand-written labels or passes for visitors cause issues too, as they don’t make it very easy to analyse your visitor data and information or easily know who is where and when.

Here at AIT we have just the solution to keep your students and staff safe from unwanted visitors. CardExchange™ Visitor Management gives you maximum traceability and control of all your visitors. The solution allows visitors to pre-register, allows batch check in and out for event or open days and even has an instant register for evacuation in the event of a fire or an emergency situation making it the ultimate visitor management solution for education. 

This user-friendly solution enables you to produce visitor passes, labels or ID cards in a number of layouts and templates that can include your institute’s logo and the personal details of your visitor.  These passes or ID cards are then used to easily identify people in your school, college or university, helping to increase security.

6 benefits to using a visitor management solution:-

  • An accurate and up to date list of exactly who is on your premises and in real time
  • Improved efficiency as visitors can be pre-register reducing visitor waiting time
  • Reduced staff administration time
  • A list of visitors that can be easily and quickly accessed in the event of a fire or emergency
  • Records all visitor data you need for reporting and analysing your visitor traffic
  • Improved visitor experience as the solution eradicates long queues at the reception

When a parent is choosing or discussing a school, college or university for their child one of their top priorities is whether their child will be safe, with CardExchange™ Visitor Management you are going that one-step further to ensure your organisation is as safe and secure as possible. If you would like to find out more about our solution please click here.

Did you know that we also stock a full range of ID cards, ID card printers and consumables that can be used in conjunction with CardExchange™ Visitor Management or as a separate solution? Find out more by clicking here or why not give us a call on 0113 273 0300 or email solutions@ait.co.uk.