Visitor Management - helping your events run smoothly

Monday, 5th February, 2018

Manage visitor flows with ease 

CardExchange® Visitor puts you firmly in control of your visitors, managing visitor flows with ease and reducing security risk. With a few easy steps visitors are registered, authorised, managed and tracked.

This is particularly important when you’re expecting a large number of visitors to an event such as a conference. The event management feature of CardExchange® Visitor lets you easily create and manage multiple events.

Each event can have an organiser assigned, have multiple hosts and invitees. Your event organiser can quickly define event details, which might include start and finish times, earliest check in time and set badge expiry date/time. Organisers can categorise events or assign an event type, for example a seminar or university open day.

From the event overview window your events team will have an overview of all events along with its particular details (rooms/resources booked) and expected visitor numbers.

Prior to their event, the organiser can use the pre-registration feature to register visitors in advance of their arrival and automatically forward registration details to the host for approval (if needed). A group registration can also be created which allows for rapid check in and expedites good visitor flows on the day by having pre-printed badges ready on arrival.

On event day your organiser can use the visit list view to see expired visitors and if needed extend their departure time or the finish time of the event. Visitors can also be automatically checked out at the end of event and the host notified – this helps manage departures in an efficient way.

For more information on CardExchange® Visitor – please go the Visitor Management pages on our website, here you will find our video and datasheet, which gives a more in-depth overview of the solution. Or feel free to call us on 0113 273 0300 for more details