Understanding the benefits of integrating your security solutions

Thursday, 14th September, 2017

Understanding the benefits of integrating your security solutions

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but the word ‘’integration’’ has been doing its rounds for the last few years, this little word has now started to gain some serious momentum in the security industry. So, in this blog we’ll find out a little more about how it’s working in the security sector and how you can benefit from integrating your security solutions, no matter what the size of your business. 

In the past, the integration of security and other systems has only really been seen in larger companies and organisations, and was considered a bit of a technical luxury back in the day, but that is definitely not the case anymore!

Integrated security solutions have now become a must have for smaller companies too. SME’s, schools, colleges and universities have started to understand the benefits of integrating solutions together instead of managing the burden that disparate systems bring… To illustrate how effective integration can be we have collated below a range of benefits you’ll enjoy when managing all of your security solutions through one interface.

  • Automate alerts based on various events such as motion detection, out of hours access attempts, doors left/forced open
  • Automatically disable intruder alarm when an authorised person enters the building, reducing false alarms
  • Tag video footage with associated access event
  • Quickly retrieve camera footage
  • Remote management access via web portals and mobile apps

Administration tasks and costs will be more streamlined with one management interface to operate. Integrating all your security solutions under one umbrella offers you one single platform from which you can manage several different security systems, including CCTV and access control, other related solutions such as your fire system can be integrated too. Now all your relevant security information can be accessed via a single, streamlined interface.

This level of integration enables you to have a greater understanding of who is visiting your site and where they are going as well as ensuring you can quickly respond to incidents as well as not miss any.

The availability of more open source security solutions, such as ONVIF, is only going to accelerate the growth of integrated security solutions where organisations are not limited to one manufacturer but can mix and match to take advantage of the best technologies on offer and future proof their investments.

AIT are experience systems integrators and are here to help, whether you need a fully bespoke solution or just want to start small by integrating access control and CCTV. The result will be an easier to manage solution, safer premises and reduced costs and administration time.

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