The philosophy of student attendance monitoring

Tuesday, 21st March, 2017

Last year I summarised the concept behind education establishments implementing attendance monitors with the view of student welfare and address student dis-engagement at an early stage.

Attendance monitoring is no longer about Big Brother and keeping tabs but more about the future security of your organisation as well as the welfare of the student base. Colleges and universities are constantly asking themselves a couple of key questions:

  • What is the secret to students literally ‘staying the course’ and succeeding in higher education?
  • What are the factors that, unless address at an early stage, place students at higher risk of not staying the course? 

However, there is a bigger question around student attendance monitor and that is “Can you really afford not to implement a solution?”

With students paying your organisation up to £9,000 per year I think not. In addition to this, according to the National Union of Student, the average student will also spend around £150 per month on food and groceries so if you have on-campus facilities that’s an extra £1,800 per year. Then there are other supply’s, library resources and social / sports activities amounting to another £2,000 per year and suddenly your “average student” is worth around £12,500 per year to each higher education organisation.

The latest figures released for student retention show an increase in the drop-out rate for UK student rising slightly from 6% to 6.2% with first-year drop-outs being slightly higher.

While these figures are interesting what does this mean in real terms.

If your organisation accepts around 7,000 new students each year for a 3 year degree course, 420 will leave before the end of the first year. This will cost you over £10M in lost revenue for years 2 and 3 that those students don’t attend – not to mention the cost to replace those students and all the recruitment activity around this.

Sobering isn’t it!!

With these figures in mind the return on investment (ROI) should you implement a solution will be measured in weeks rather than months or years.

At AIT we understand the important of this to your organisation and can help track attendance behaviour to ensure you manage your student welfare. With the simple unification of your current system whether it relates to student records systems, timetabling or facilities allocation, our solutions can pull them all into a single dashboard to make management of attendance monitoring a breeze.

If retaining both the students and their fees is concerning you then we can help – call one of our specialists to discuss how on 0113 273 0300 or email Alternatively click here to find out more.