The latest in innovative door furniture by SALTO

Monday, 11th January, 2016

SALTO are one the world’s largest suppliers of access control hardware, software and systems. To have got to that position since being founded in only 2001 is due in no small part to innovation and development.

After the launch of SPACE, windows based access control software last year, there comes the release of some new hardware specifically designed to get the most from the new system.

Firstly, the new readers for online access control points are both stylish and packed with innovative design features.  The XS4 2.0 wall readers are available in either a black or white high-density plastic housing with a very visible LED light bar.  This shows the communication and access given or denied when a suitable token, like an ID card, is presented.

The wall readers are completely sealed and are IP66 rated for heavy duty external usage. XS4 2.0 reader, like their predecessors, are update points for the carriers using the unique SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) protocol.  SVN is the hugely effective way of utilising the online access points to update the carriers and, therefore, the offline access points to make the SALTO solution the most cost effective and secure answer for clients with multiple door access needs.

The new wall readers are also available with an inbuilt PIN pad for those who need a two-factor authentication element.  Unlike the previous iteration of PIN pad readers, which effectively needed twice the space of a single reader, the XS4 2.0 PIN pad is built into the face of the standard reader housing.  This means that the appearance retains its sleek and modern look.

As with the other readers, the circuits are switched off until a motion sensor detects someone presenting their carrier so that power usage is held to an absolute minimum.

For offline access points, but maintaining the ability to use the SVN, the XS4 mini escutcheon is the latest addition to the “e-Handle” range.  Allowing fitment to a huge variety of existing door latches and mortices, the XS4 Mini comes in black or white finishes complimenting the new wall readers and also has a highly visible LED light bar.

A less visible addition to the e-Handle range of offline doors is internal circuitry, also available on the XS4 2.0 readers, which allows the use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) mobile phones to be used as the carrier or token once the free App is loaded to the phone.

The new ranges of door and wall readers are another step forward from SALTO and ensure they remain at the forefront of effective access control solutions provided in a highly user friendly way.

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