That's right, 1 to 64'000 doors!

Tuesday, 28th July, 2015

How many doors?

Some companies will pooh pooh investing in door access control because they think their premises are too small or that security ‘isn’t that important – a lock and key will do’. At the other end of the scale large conglomerates may be overwhelmed by their own size often with multiple locations and leave door access control to be managed at a local level (with often resulting chaos that mismatched solutions can bring!).

By combining data transfer and our virtual network technology size no longer matters. Whether you have 1 door or 64,000 doors and 2 members of staff or 4 million you can now take control of your building security regardless of your size or however many location you operate in.

Elegant in its simplicity – our easy to use access control solution uses data on card technology allowing whole buildings to be controlled using a combination of offline and online doors. These are controlled in real time using a virtual network. The virtual network lets standalone (offline) doors read, receive and write information via smart cards, which are used as ‘keys’. Data is then transferred from the cards when they are used at an online door. This data is then passed to the management software and new information can be passed back to the cards with a very quick hand-shake. This allows the cards to do the updating across the solution so you don’t need to physically visit a door to block access rights for example. The software sits on the server but can be pushed out to multiple workstations if needed for ease of management access.

By using this data transfer on the card and our virtual network lets you convert standalone access control systems to a fully networked one. Every card used in the building is passing information to and receiving information from the management software, so the number of doors you want to control is not important, it really doesn’t matter if it’s 2 or 64000 the solution ensures all online and offline doors are kept updated and secure. This gives you total control over your building(s) at all times.

The management software looks after online and offline doors using an SQL database with a large number of functions and capabilities able to manage up to 4 million users and as mentioned up to 64,000 doors all via one system. There are more than 10 different opening modes to suit your needs including, standard, free passage ability, free passage with automatic locking, toggle, time toggle amongst others. The system can also manage 256 time zones and calendars and 1000 door events held in the doors memory.

So users can be added or deleted remotely, users profiles can update in real time (shift changes, new access areas added). A full dynamic audit trail is available showing who was where and when. Battery status of offline doors is regularly passed back and low batteries alerted.

If you would like to know more about how our door access solution can help your building security please either visit the access control section of our website or call us on 0113 273 0300