[Tech blog] - SALTO ProAccess SPACE – Access Control through a Web Browser

Monday, 27th November, 2017

The SALTO ProAccess SPACE web-browser based interface brings total control of your SALTO access control system to the desktop without the need to install additional software on the device being used. 

This interface can be configured for individual operators’ security level requirements and language and can be operated from a number of workstations simultaneously.

An audit trail for an individual card user or a door can be viewed at any time and the system also maintains an audit trail of changes made by operators.

Adding a new door couldn’t be simpler. 

The main screen has been designed with the user in mind and shows the most commonly accessed functions. 

Simply click on the Doors icon and you are presented with a list of the doors in your building. Then just click the add button at the bottom of this page.  

Too easy?  Well it can be this easy when AIT helps you plan, install and integrate a SALTO access control system.Now enter a name and description for the door and select the connection type - Online or Offline – and click Save.  Now add it to an Access Level and the door immediately knows who is allowed in.


Many organisations are seeking a seamless, reliable and secure integration between their access control system, secure ID card printing and Active Directory (AD).  Using this approach a user’s details are entered only once into active directory, an ID card is printed and authorised and this card can be used immediately to access the buildings and rooms assigned to the individual.

Previously this may have been three individual tasks … for three people …  from three departments … at three locations … and three lots of paperwork!

Seamless integration with ProAccess SPACE can be achieved by using the built in synchronisation features and because it is built on MS SQL Server, data can be transferred securely in and out without user intervention.

By using a department code to define an access level in ProAccess SPACE and entering this code into AD a user is automatically assigned the correct access privileges.

For larger establishments there is also the option of using partitions and zones and the ability to assign individuals, doors and access control lists to these depending on requirements.

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By Peter  Sabourn - Technical Integration Specialist