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Friday, 21st October, 2016

You’ve made a significant investment in your card printer(s) and card printing software so we want to help you ensure they are working at their very best all of the time. Below we have include some quick tips and steps you can take to make sure they are looked after well.

The first and most important step – cleaning!

The card printers tend to be pretty stable once they have been installed but you will need to clean and change the ribbons every so often.  We cannot stress enough the benefits of  regularly cleaning your printers to maintain a smooth card printing environment. Each printer manufacturer has a suggested number of prints before they require a clean (see the list below), The Evolis Primacy printers are fitted with a cleaning warning system which is triggered after 1000 card have been printed. Once the warning light appears you should proceed with the cleaning routine.  Failure to clean the device could lead to printer head damage this will jeopardise print quality.  We have an easy to follow video, which guides you through cleaning your Evolis printer – click here to watch.




Javelin J330i

Zebra P330i











Some more troubleshooting

You can check a few things if the printer stops working. Firstly check to see if there is a jam by opening the lid and checking for jams although the above mentioned printers are rather good at alerting you when a jam/mechanical error occurs. It is also a good step to check devices and printers > properties > advances > print directly to the printer.  CardExchange card printing software, also has a user-friendly test utility within the printing tab > printer options > contactless > tick test with movements > test, if this fails it should bring up an error message which should give you an idea of the issue.  If you have an Evolis printer and after following all the steps above you still have the issue then restarting the Evolis Print Centre Services should work (All Programs > Evolis > setting > administration > restart Evolis Print Centre Service). 

If you find that your pictures are missing it is most likely that images have been moves, named differently or you have no access to the folder which they are stored in. If your images are stored on a shared drive, the drive would need to be mapped to the device which hosts CardExchange.  

Daily use and configuration options for CardExchange can be found by clicking here

We’re here to help

If none of the above helps then don’t worry, we are here to help. You can log a case with us and we’ll take a look at your issue and get back as soon as we can. Click here to log a case or visit the support section of our website

Happy printing.

By Chris Nganga, Technical Consultant & Integration