[Tech Blog] Cloud print management agility and responsiveness

Monday, 25th June, 2018

Read what our Head of Technical Services has to say about the agility and responsiveness of our cloud print management solution

There are an ever increasing number of cloud-based services available in the current technological climate, from file sharing with Google and Dropbox to hosted email via Microsoft to name but a few.

I have watched the transition of print management solutions change throughout my 11 years at AIT, and believe our innovative cloud-based solution One Q has many advantages that will be of benefit to our stakeholders.

Given that there are various SaaS models available i.e. public and private cloud, we are often asked about ease of use, resilience and bandwidth.

The agile interface and self-service portal allows ad-hoc changes to be made quickly by administrators so that the end user disruption is minimal.  For example, if a printer is unavailable for any reason queues can be re-assigned or if a temporary employee or visitor needs access to photocopying while in your organisation then guest users can quickly be set up and set to expire at a given time.

What if my print server is down or my link to the cloud is lost? 

No problem, our solution is able to react to such a scenario and will allow printing to local printers.  It is capable of detecting the network status and if the cloud link is down automatically allow push printing to designated devices and will upload audit data once the link has been restored.

I have a slower internet connection at my remote site, how will this be handled?  

One Q can be tailored so that any files generated from a print job are encrypted to enhance security, stay local to the network and are sent to the printer when requested by the user.  Only the meta-data is passed to the cloud to reduce the bandwidth required.

One Q is also designed with a self-service environment in mind.  For example, the ability to allow users to:

  • Create an account
  • Pay for printing via a credit card
  • Print documents via email, web upload and google cloud print

To catch up with the latest developments in our cloud print management software which include scanning workflow applications for the various MFD manufacturers, head to the cloud print management page of our website or call our expert, Nick Taylor on 0113 273 0300.