Tech Blog - Benefits to moving your printing to the cloud

Friday, 14th July, 2017

The evolution that is the cloud has been a technology revolution in many walks of life, such as watching films and viewing photos. Like many others, you may have often-stored documents and other data in the cloud as a failsafe in case of hardware failure! The innovation of the new cloud-based print management solution, which AIT has recently launched in partnership with Danish company, Ubiquitech, addresses many of the dilemmas faced by organisations managing their own printing environment.

A big part of a printing solution is resiliency; i.e. how resilient is the setup and what would happen in the event of a failure of a server? This problem can be addressed in a number of ways using this cloud-based solution. Either the print job can be spooled locally at the client or sent to a secondary/backup server, ready for release securely at an MFD, or to print directly to a nearby device.

We often get asked some common questions around managing print in the cloud such as, ‘How much bandwidth does the solution require’ and ‘Is the print job sent to the cloud and retrieved’. The only information sent to a cloud-based server is the metadata of the print jobs, ensuring that network traffic is not taken up by high volumes of printing so bandwidth usage is not compromised.

Another common query is, ‘How secure is the cloud solution’? With the imminent release of the EU GDPR, businesses are under pressure to ensure that handling of personal data meets the standards set out in EUGDPR.

Our solution can offer the following to comply with these standards:

  • encrypt data on the network
  • encrypt data on the server
  • encrypt data on the hard disk of the MFP
  • Strength of the encryption (Job data is encrypted using an AES-256 algorithm)
  • Datacentres are located within the EU, this is another EUGDPR compliance benefit.

In addition to the above, the solution also addresses problems of a mixed fleet of printers, with the functionality of the Microsoft-certified universal driver that has the ability to print to multiple printers. 

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