SME's we've got the cloud based access control solution for you

Friday, 10th June, 2016

As a director or finance manager of an SME are you put off investing in a good access control security solution due to preconceptions that they are expensive, complexed and implementation may disrupt your workforce? (Issues with cabling, wiring and ongoing management of the system.)

As you know, SME’s face just the same treats as a larger organisation, so it’s just as important to keep your buildings, people and business assets protected and secure. Investing in a good access control solution in today’s market doesn’t need to cost the earth, access control has come a long way since it first began and new innovative solutions are being developed every day.

One solution that lends itself well to smaller SME’s is Clay by SALTO; Clay is a cloud-based access control solution that provides the same functionally and performance of a traditional solution but is one of the most cost effective options available. Its other benefits are that it is easy to manage, with no additional overheads associated with the day-to-day running. As Clay is a cloud based solution it is very easy to install, so no interruption to your employee’s working day and no potential lost revenue. The pricing model is a per user subscription model and can be scaled very easily, so you only pay for what you need. It also has the added benefit of giving managers the ability to control building access remotely, you can actually manage doors in real-time via any device with an internet connection.

With Clay by SALTO you can choose administrators to do the managing of the solution for you, as you can create access rights for various members of staff. They can then manage and monitor access activity in real-time for you, leaving you to look after the other important aspects of running a SME.

At the heart of the Clay solution is Clay IQ, this serves as the hub between the wireless lock and the cloud. It is so simple to set up as it only needs to be plugged into a standard electrical socket with no cabling required or configuration needed. It really is simple as that.

Wouldn’t it be satisfying knowing that your assets, buildings and people are safe and secure? Think of the insurance costs and the lost revenue if there ever was a security breach. Isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?

Secure your premises using 21st century technology, by moving away your standard lock and key you have one less thing to worry about, your staff/premises are well protected and you are in control 24/7.

If you would like to learn more about Clay by SALTO watch our vlog by clicking here or alternatively call us in 10113 273 0300 or email