SALTO’s AMOK lockdown keeps students safe

Monday, 12th September, 2016

School shootings occur all over the globe, here Keith Carey from SALTO discusses how you can keep your students safe in the event of an emergency.

Scarily such events have become so common in the news that in many cases they no longer seem to have the power to shock. Indeed, in some quarters they seem to have been accepted as a tragic norm.

Alleviate risk

Gun control is subject for society and the legislators, but with the help of the latest electronic access control technology it is possible to alleviate the risk of such events and take steps to control security in the educational environment. In the UK we're lucky not to suffer regular gun violence in our schools, colleges or universities but if there is a security incident it’s vital to lockdown either the affected area or the whole building quickly and easily to contain the incident and to prevent its spread into other areas. In such a situation, it can be safer for students and staff to remain in a classroom, securely locked in until the help arrives.

How AMOK works

By using SALTO’s AMOK escutcheons (door handles) allows authorised users i.e. teachers/lecturers to put the electronic locks into a standalone lock down mode, securing the room until help or the emergency services arrive on scene. The units have a built in card reader on the inner door handle. This inner reader enables only authorized users with AMOK privileges on their access plan to activate the AMOK function mode in order to lock down the room quickly.

A green light on the handle signals the AMOK function has been activated and occupants are then securely locked inside the room. If anyone tries to enter the room when the AMOK mode is activated the outside reader shows red and the they will be denied access, keeping the room and its occupants safe and secure until the emergency is over. For security reasons a card with master privileges will be able to override the lock down – these master cards would typically be held by a head teacher, principal or security manager and would be able to access a locked down room at all times.

For a teacher/lecturer to deactivate the lock down mode they would present their card/fob to the inside reader for a second time, the reader would then revert to green to indicate that lock down is no longer deployed.

If you would like to know more about this new additional security feature please call us on 0113 273 0300 or alternatively you can find out more about access control for education by clicking here.

by Keith Carey, SALTO Systems Ltd