Protect your capital assets

Friday, 29th April, 2016

Access control is now in common use across many organisations. Protecting entry/exit points and keeping your staff safe – but an access control solution can also play its part in keeping your capital assets secure too.

As you will no doubt know, your capital assets are any equipment your organisation uses which your company has purchased. This will include things like; computers, laptops, furniture, printers, electronic whiteboards or telephone systems etc... You will have invested a lot into these assets so it is important to safeguard them well. So how can a door access solution help protect assets? The loss of capital assets will mostly be as a result of theft or burglary This maybe from an external source or be by an employee. Ensuring your premises are secured from the perimeter inwards is therefore vital to minimise the risk from external sources. To stop employee theft you can control where your employees can go in a building by making sure you have a robust security policy and assign access rights based on role or need.

What about managing the risk from visitors/contractors? Look for a solution that offers a module to manage visitors and contractors or one that integrates with any visitor management solution already in place. Use the system’s management software to track building usage, most solutions will offer a real-time audit trail, so for example if a laptop went missing from the IT department you would know who had been in and out of that area very accurately. This enables you to limit the number of suspects and will act as a deterrent to employees. The system is also intelligent enough to allow you to restrict staff from sensitive areas of your business such as server rooms, management offices or finance areas. You can do this simply by extended your door access to internal doors, and by using offline doors this needn’t cost the earth. By doing this, you are effectively adding in a secondary level of security and will be able to set very granular access policies. This is particularly useful for hospitals, drug companies or any other company who may need to secure medicine cabinets, equipment rooms, store rooms and places where chemicals are stored.

Access control can also be added to lifts and stairwells to stop unwanted people moving around your building or to allow access to key people within your organisation. You can even secure individual rooms from inside if there was an incident by putting the room in lock down mode, this would protect the occupants until released by the emergency services or system manager.

Another level of security can be added to further protect capital assets by integrating your door access solution with your CCTV system. Next time you invest in new capital assets think about how much protection they need and how you are going to achieve this. 

The right access control equipment from us will keep your equipment safe for you.

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