Pcounter - simple but good

Wednesday, 18th January, 2017

Even in today’s environmentally aware world, we continue our love affair with paper and the truly paperless office has yet to materialise.

There can’t be many organisations that don’t print, have you considered the significant amount of money this costs your organisation? Not to mention the time spent solving office printing problems.

There is a simple solution to help you take control of your printing, Pcounter print management software, offers an easy way to introduce rule based printing into your company. Using rules based printing means you can enforce a set of rules of your choice, this might be enforcing duplex printing or printing in black and white only or even re-routing expensive colour jobs to a more cost effective multi-function device. These rules will save you money, paper and ink as well as make your staff ‘think before they print’.

You might decide to ‘charge’ for printing by giving users a print quota, this method assigns a set amount of print credit to a staff member or a student. This is a great way to educate the team as to the true cost of their printing and makes them more accountable but without actually charging them money. Free quota can be automatically topped up, weekly/monthly or to suit your business needs. Users can be prevented from printing once they run out of quota or until they request more quota or get their next automated top up.

You can configure Pcounter so it assigns a value to different types of print jobs, so it could be 2p for A4 black and white but 25p for full colour A3. This is a very effective way of educating users and reducing costs.

If you work in an environment that uses client-billing Pcounter is ideal. Client codes can be set up and print jobs assigned to these codes at the point of printing. Client print jobs are accounted for properly and then accurately charged back to the client.

Most print management solutions will also come with the ability to enforce copy management within the solution itself. Copy management is a way of being able to monitor the photocopying of users and also charge back accordingly if you wish. Copy management is sometimes over looked as you may think people copy much less than they print, which of course is true, but using copy management is sure to save a lot on your budget/bottom line.

If you’d like to know more about Pcounter print management software please click here, alternatively you can watch our video on rules based printing by clicking here.