Our card bureau services

Friday, 5th August, 2016

Here at AIT we are on a mission to try and help make your office as safe as possible and having people display who they are is often the first very important step.

Our cards can be programmed to allow staff members into the building, to buy their lunches, to get into the car park, to release their printing but more importantly it allows them to identify who they are and confirm their right to be in your offices.

If you don’t already offer your staff identification cards then we can help you. AIT can offer a complete service that includes printing photographs and names, as well as personalising your card holders and lanyards to match the colour of your logo. For a lot less that you think we can include everything you see in the picture below.

If you need something more specialised, maybe a specific card to enable your employees to use the door access system you have or you may want to have your company name printed on the lanyard, these are available too. Maybe having a different colour card and lanyard specifically for visitors to help identify them easily, we can help and advice on lots of different options.  

Because we print cards in-house via our card bureau service, we also have the luxury of being able to offer cards printed in smaller batches of just 100, something some of the larger card printing companies cannot offer.

So if cost has put you off before, maybe it’s time for a rethink and to contact AIT. We can help you with a design and will send you a mock-up of how the card will look before we print anything, we will help you through each step.

So why not find out how you can take the next step in helping to make your offices that little bit more secure, call us on 0113 273 0300 or email me at Louisa.inman@ait.co.uk

By Louisa Inman