One Q's CEO on the future of cloud print management

Thursday, 26th July, 2018

Q & A interview with Martin Engdal, CEO, One Q cloud print management solution

We were delighted to recently welcome One Q’s new CEO, Martin Engdal, to AIT’s Leeds office and grabbed the chance to ask him a few questions about One Q and their exciting new cloud print management developments. You can read the interview below.

Q. You must be very excited joining One Q as CEO at such a pivotal time in their growth. What do you see as One Q’s key strengths?

A. Yes, I’m thrilled to have joined One Q and help guide the company in its global expansion. Our unique and patented one driver technology is bringing real business benefits to our clients and due to this we are seeing significantMartin Engdal interest for our solutions globally. A key strength is that our secure print software platform can be deployed as a pure cloud solution or as on premise or hybrid. Combined with our document OCR, workflow and fleet management, One Q offers a fully cloud-based print management platform. My key focus will be to scale and structure our business model to accommodate the expected global business growth. I look forward to executing our global strategy together with the talented One Q team, business partners and clients.

Q.  What, in your view, are the business benefits of moving your print management to the cloud?

A.  What many companies value the most - is time savings and reducing costs, whether it's a small business or major enterprise. Moving print management to the cloud provides significant cost savings and a very attractive ROI. Another benefit is the cloud storage. It’s a fact that a data loss or breach may cost millions. With a secure private cloud structure, you can do business without fear of losing important data. And the first step to ensure security is to choose an appropriate print management solution. Our cloud solution provides an opportunity to print anything from any device – computers, mobile phones or tablets, all the print jobs will be securely stored in the cloud. This ensures easy deployment and centralised control along with better system performance and multi tenancy. As the solution does not require local print servers this leads to significant reductions in software, administrative costs, less power consumption and more flexible and scalable IT infrastructure.

Q. Some customers may still have reservations about cloud solutions, how would you allay these?

A.  It is true that some customers still have security doubts about cloud solutions. This however is often due to lack of knowledge of how these solutions work.  The best thing about our solution and the company in general – is transparency. As it is said - better to see once, and we are happy to provide this opportunity. One Q's showroom (at our head office in Denmark) is open for customers and business partners. We are always ready to show and demonstrate the One Q SaaS based solutions and our unique one driver technology across different printer brands and models. There are options for an onsite visit at our office or booking a web session with our pre-sales team showing a live demo or our international network of partners are able to provide demonstrations or proof of concepts locally.

We can show the customer how our software can be configured, so that all communication between a company's LAN and the server in the cloud is encrypted, and therefore secure. And you can even configure it so print jobs never leave the company, but only authentication data and "metadata" about the print jobs is sent to the cloud server.

Q.  Cloud solutions are often cited as being more secure than on premise ones, do you agree with this? And what are One Q’s security credentials.

A.  Large enterprises invest a lot in security, though the result is not the same when you host data on premise and when implementing a cloud-based solution. With on premise solutions, the customer is responsible for both physical and virtual layers (all aspects) of security. With SaaS solutions, cloud providers’ responsibilities grow within application level (physical security, host infrastructure, network controls, application level controls, access management, etc.), but the cloud customer remains still fully accountable on identifying and classifying the sensitive data.

If you ask me if the cloud is more secure than on premise, I’ll say “absolutely yes”. Just a simple math: cloud solution provides advantages that all customers need such as: better business performance, improved access to data and security. The task of keeping your local servers up-to-date and patched with security fixes from the manufacturer is not a small task - and one that is often forgotten or neglected in smaller companies. By subscribing to our SaaS Cloud Solution, the customer can offload this task and responsibility to the CSP (Cloud Service Provider).

At One Q the focus is directed to the customer’s print management needs. For us key quality measurements of security are strong surveillance, controlled access, thorough and frequent maintenance and preventing potential security threats. One Q ensures security all the way from the cloud to the printer. That decreases any risks you may have with the local print server, and as an important bonus this also reduces the costs significantly. With on premise solutions, the initial upfront investment cost is large and considered riskier. In addition, organizations are required to pay for ongoing maintenance, hardware, and IT personnel costs. Meanwhile using cloud, costs are significantly cheaper up-front and are usually charged per user. It is easy to predict costs over time, and companies don’t have to worry about additional hardware investments.

Q.  How does One Q compare to the more traditional print management solutions – is it as feature rich? Cloud print management

A.  I believe we can say that One Q took the best out of traditional print management solutions and made it better and more efficient. We have everything available in the market today, though with our investment each feature has been improved and new ones were added to meet new requirements to satisfy upcoming or existing market needs. Now we can offer almost anything a customer may require, depending on the business sector and company size.

We offer the following and more:

  • Secure pull printing (follow-me™) – user authentication on printer/MFP in a multi-vendor environment
  • Push printing – directly to a dedicated printer
  • Secure copy, scan and fax
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Rules based printing
  • LDAP integration and support
  • Encryption – to avoid security breaches
  • Failover
  • Unlimited scalability through real clustering
  • One Driver – significantly reduced help desk load
  • Rules and reports – with email notification for efficiency and automation
  • Local languages supported
  • Open API – for customization
  • Mobile printing from iOS, Android and Windows Mobile

This abundancy of features helps our clients to plan and optimize their printer fleet, ensure high security levels are always maintained and contribute to GDPR compliance. The advanced accounting serves as the basis for charging clients and projects.

With One Q there isn’t a need to install the solution on user’s PC so the software itself can be set up in minutes with minor resources. All together an easy implementation, with advanced features and the qualified support bring a noticeable cost reduction to print management project.

Secure Cloud Print ManagementQ.  What does the future hold for One Q in terms of the development road map?

A.  We develop cloud based secure print management solutions for the enterprise market segment with focus on high security, simplicity and ease of use that allows our customers to achieve significant service savings. Our vision is to become the first choice for secure print management for any enterprise market customer. We have an extensive development plan lined up as part of our strategic roadmap. Some highlights from the roadmap are:

  • New UI for administration panel, software clients and One Q One Driver
  • Improved wizard deployment functionality for easier implementation
  • Integration to fleet management systems
  • Improved mobility experience
  • Improved OCR workflow

The strategic objectives for our product roadmap priorities are:

  • To enhance technical performance
  • To increase customer satisfaction and end-user experience
  • To further enhance our security
  • To add new improved print management functionality for administrators and end-users

Q.  And finally – what would you like to say to One Q’s customers and potential customers here in the UK?

A.  I would like to say that the UK market is a strategically very important market for One Q and one we will be investing in growing together with our valued partner AIT. We see that many UK firms across many different market segments see great business value in our solutions and related consultancy services. Our objective is to become a major player within the PMS space by bringing them superior, cost-effective solutions in the cloud or on premise combined with responsive and professional client experience and services.

AIT are One Q’s exclusive distributor and competency centre for the UK, providing technical and pre-sales support for customers and channel partners as well as installation and ongoing support.

You can learn more about cloud print management by watching our video – click here or by visiting the cloud print management homepage on our website – click here.

If you would like to organise demo of One Q please call us on 0113 273 0300 or email