One door at a time

Wednesday, 2nd December, 2015

So, you only have a few doors that really need securing within your organisation but as it’s only a couple it doesn’t seem worth the hassle to install a full access control solution right? Wrong…

AIT’s access control solution is a simple system to set up and because it is centrally managed, it cuts down on administration and management time. With AIT’s access control solution, you can expand as you go, one door at a time, and we’ll even manage the project for you, taking all the hassles away.

Start with access control in one section of your organisation and see how simple it is to add more doors to other areas as and when your security needs change. AIT’s access control solution allows for systems integration when you need it as well, this could be with Active Directory or other databases or with other systems such as your CCTV or fire alarms.

Why not think about the number of doors you need to secure right now in your premises. These may include a server room or the front gate of your school, college or building. By planning ahead when you buy your system you should find it fairly easy to expand later.

AIT offers an access control beginners pack, which is a great way to get started, its simple and a very competitively priced. By using AIT as your access control provider, you’ll soon realise it’s a lot less stressful than you might have thought, we make it simple, reliable and affordable. The solution uses an elegant combination of online and offline doors all controlled by a powerful virtual network where the identifier does all the updating. This combination of online and offline doors provides all the benefits of a fully networked system but without the cost – that’s the affordable bit!

You may think it’s not a worthy investment and that security isn’t that important, a lock and key will do. However, no matter the size of your organisation it is your responsibility to safeguard your building, staff, visitor and assets as much as possible. By taking it one door at a time you are able to take control of your building’s security by starting with the areas where you have the most concerns and then scale as you need over time.

AIT will be there with you every step, whether you require 3 doors or 30,000, no organisation is too big or small for access control. Why not contact us on 0131 2730300 or email to find out how we can help or click here to look at our access control beginners pack.