Mobile printing on demand with EveryonePrint

Tuesday, 7th July, 2015

Bring Your Own Device or ‘BYOD’ as it is also referred to is becoming more and more popular as we all move to a more digital world.

Simple mobile printing enhances the student experience when onsite and when being used in a commercial environment promotes more flexible and efficient working practices.

7 out of 10 people in the UK now own a smartphone. We can, and expect to, do almost everything from our smartphones. From online banking, navigation, social media or buying goods. However printing from mobile devices has always been an issue.  Establishments have always worried about the security risks associated with foreign devices needing to authenticate within their internal network, and the time and resource consumed in doing this securely.  

EveryonePrint takes away this risk; in secure environments EveryonePrint can be hosted internally, protected by your firewalls, giving you security and peace of mind.

What makes EveryonePrint unique from other mobile printing solutions is that it offers 5 different ways to print.

Whether you’re a remote worker wanting to send a job from home and collect it in the office, bringing your personal laptop into work with you or wanting to send a job from your mobile, there’s a method for you to print.

Once configured, EOP is completely self-service. It can be configured for LDAP authentication, so if you’re an existing user, no registration is required. If you’re a new user there’s a simple a 1 time sign up page to authenticate, you won’t be required to register again. This means that no assistance is required from IT departments in configuring or adding users, saving them time to dedicate elsewhere.

EveryonePrint works with the leading Print Management Solutions, so any rules or restrictions you currently have enforced will still be applied, giving you full accountability, even with guest or remote workers.

To summarise, EveryonePrint is the most advance mobile printing solution to date. The 5 simple ways to print make it easy for any user to simply submit a job, wherever their location. Easy to install by both IT and the end user, makes it a fully self-service solution.

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