Manage your building from your phone

Friday, 29th June, 2018

In a world where many of us work from home or are constantly on the go travelling between different locations, physical access control management tools are developing fast.  The latest trends suggest that mobile is the primary driver for shaping the way we do things from managing our bank accounts to booking flights and beyond.  And with over 4.7 billion people now owning a smartphone it’s easy to see why there has been such rapid progress.

In most business premises access control is a vital part of the security systems designed to prevent unauthorised entrance into your office building or other remote facilities such pumping stations, mobile phone masts or substations.

Whether you’re a Facilities Manager overseeing a suite of managed offices or you manage multiple buildings for a single employer, it’s fair to say that keeping up with the management of your system and user access rights can be demanding.  Now there’s a smarter way to manage your access control.

Keys as a Service

SaltoKS (Keys as a Service) is cloud based and is an ideal and effective solution for dealing with your access control management on the go.  Whether it’s from a mobile, tablet or laptop, managing multiple locations is easy and can all be done from just one app or from a web interface. 

It allows you to create profiles for users, assign or block tags, define which doors they may enter and when and track usage.  In short it lets you completely control who goes where and when in your building(s) from anywhere with an internet connection.  Should you need to you can even open a door remotely.

Additionally with the use of fobs there is no longer any need to keep getting lost keys and locks replaces or new keys cut.  And you as a manager won’t need to carry around a bunch of keys either!

We also understand you need to be sure that, as well as being convenient, your access control management solution is secure.  That’s why state of the art bank level security is built in to all components of SaltoKS.  What’s more it works on any device with either Windows, iOS or Android operating systems.

As an added benefit with the launch of SALTO KSconnect you can also use SALTO KS in conjunction with Panasonic Cameramanager, easily combining access control and video surveillance for a really powerful security solution.

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