Locally attached printers - the real cause of the recession!

Tuesday, 12th June, 2012

Remote printers or locally attached printers as some people call them are the scourge of many a network manager in business and education environments. This can be attributed to two key reasons.

  1. They may well be cheap to purchase but running costs are exceptionally high, using ink in these machines is as costly as spilling milk in a supermarket and a group of lawyers slipping on said milk patch.
  2. You can’t monitor what is being printed! A remote printer is like an outlaw, it’s out there on its own causing all kinds of print trouble, printing high cost colour documents, printing 100 page PDF documents and other high cost print crimes.


Yes, we understand that some documents that need printing are confidential, and we understand that confidentiality is important, but we also know that pull printing can resolve this by providing a secure and economical way to print.

As mentioned in the article above, pull printing is a great way for anyone in any type of organisation to print a document, or many documents and then go release them using a biometric device, such as a fingerprint or using an ID card. Thus security is maintained as it is only yourself who has access to these documents at the printer.

Getting rid of remote or locally attached printers in individual offices is really one quick way of reducing business costs, fast. The recession is still biting and every organisation wants to save money. With print management software solutions in place you can say goodbye to the costly printer in the corner of the MD’s office who is cunningly eating up cash quicker than you can make it.

Maybe you need some more convincing about venturing into the Managing Director’s office to remove that unsightly local printer that is spuriously printing a lovely scallop recipe from a website that your MD didn’t know contained 5 other pages of high quality colour pictures, which then get tossed into the bin!

Desktop printer ink costs more per millilitre than petrol, champagne and perfume. On average ink costs £2.28 per ml and some ink cartridges contain as little as 5ml of ink.


Small desktop printers are the most expensive of all the printers, so imagine all that money getting swallowed up on printing, when if your organisation implemented a print control software solution that money getting wasted could actually go to pay for some champagne to celebrate all the great cost savings your organisation has made.

If one of your colleagues really does have a superb business reason for keeping a locally attached printer, then Altman can help. We have Pcounter Workstation Manager, an additional Pcounter module that can monitor and report on all print output generated from the locally attached machines in offices that you, the network manager don’t have the keys for.

At Altman Technologies we are leading providers of print management software for all types of organisations. Implementing our leading pull printing technologies can help to save your organisation money, so call today on 0113 273 0300 or email solutions@altman.co.uk and we will help you save money.