Integrated security

Friday, 3rd February, 2017

How many disparate security solutions do you have to protect your organisation and your people? You may have an access control solution to monitor who is coming in and out of your buildings, a CCTV solution showing you what’s going on around your premises, an alarm system that keeps your buildings safe when you’re not there and a fire alarm system

Now, do you have someone who looks after all these solutions an administrator or a security officer perhaps? And I’m guessing that person has a number of other responsibilities too or maybe you have one person who takes care of your access control, one who takes care of the fire system and another looking after your cameras? Or maybe you don’t have any of the above (which does scare me a bit) but in any of these situations AIT are here to help you create a safer environment.

Have you thought what life would be like if all theses solutions sat seamlessly together with just one system needed to monitor everything? AIT have been involved in the supply and of access control for many years and they know that access control, video surveillance, fire systems and alarm systems have been generally installed as disparate solutions. But with advances in technology it is now possible to integrate all these together under one management portal to reduce the management overhead and make your organisation a more secure one.

AIT can supply you with a fully integrated security system. It may be that you already have analogue or network cameras around your buildings and just want to upgrade your access control solution, or you may want to integrate a new CCTV system with your existing door security. Using just one provider for your ID cards right through to CCTV cameras ensures your security solutions are maximised by providing an improved level on interoperability. This can include such things as having the ability of remote access from web portals and mobile apps, being able to tag video footage wit associated access events or even having access control or intruder alarm events triggering automated recording.

Whatever your situation AIT understands that security requirements are different for every organisation and with our full range of solutions and integration knowledge of our team we can supply you with a security system that meets your business needs now and in the future.

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