Identity management made easy

Monday, 5th October, 2015

Can you identify who is in your office at all times? 

You should be able to, the safety of you and your team members depend on it and it’s a very easy to do.

Here at AIT Ltd we offer a wide range of ID card printers, making issuing ID cards a simple, easy and cost effective way of increasing your building security.

An unnecessary expense?

You may think that buying a printer just for ID badges is an expense your organisation could do without right now but by issuing an easily printed ID card badge means that every staff, guest, contractor, visitor, member and delivery person that walks through your front door can be easily identified.

This level of security is priceless.

You may already have an old card printer in the back office gathering dust. It might just about print a legible card and offer a recognisable picture if you squint really hard to make it out – but in all honesty maybe it’s time for a new more modern machine.

The latest printers

We have the latest printers on the market from Evolis and Zebra, which offer all levels of users something different.

There are so many different types and specifications of printers available on the market today it can all become very confusing. We can offer printers ranging from small single sided printers aimed at printing only a few hundred cards a year to larger faster and more feature rich printers that are aimed at printing up to 25000 cards a year. We would like to offer you our expertise to find the right printer for you.


We would love to talk to you more about your ID printing requirements, please call us on 0113 273 0300 or if you’re not ready to talk to us you can find more information in the ID card section of our website – click here.

No one would ever let a stranger into their home without scrutinising their ID badge first but can you be sure that everyone in your office is so easily identified?