How can JustIN work for you?

Thursday, 16th July, 2015

No matter what organisation you are SALTO’s new intuitive JustIN mobile key app can work for you. Imagine… no cards, keys or fobs and no replacement cost, saving you money and making life simple.


As you are no doubt aware mobile phone technology has transformed our lives in a way that couldn't have been predicted 20 years ago and the potential for even more jaw-dropping developments in mobile phone technology is huge.

Future phones are being touted as the ultimate multifunctional gadgets and are expected to be more closely embedded in our day-to-day lives than ever before. Some experts predict that the mobiles of the future will become remote controls for our whole lives, while others forecast that mobile phones will literally run our lives for us.

So it’s no surprise that JustIN is here, SALTO’s mobile key app. Over time every day keypad, proximity reader and biometric based systems could be replaced by solutions that use your smartphone. It's convenient, less expensive and more secure than older technologies and as we know the smartphone is now everyone’s constant companion.


With SALTO’s mobile key app, JustIN, you have the potential to control access from anywhere you like. Around campus for students, in hospitals or hotels or any organisation that requires identification and access control. The app not only allows users to receive access credentials anytime and anywhere but it makes the process very simple as keys, ID cards and fobs don’t have to be involved anymore.

Using a BLE-enabled smartphone allows users to receive their key online and then open doors directly from their phone. System managers can, by making use of JustIN’s mobile SALTO virtual network (mSVN), allow rights to be extended or changed instantly and remotely OTA (over the air) via the mSVN app for NFC enabled phones. This gives system managers much greater flexibility to manage their buildings and users whilst on the move.

SALTO mobile key works across the SALTO product range including XS4 and AElement electronic locks collections. To use SALTO's mobile key solution, no special software is required and it combines Ultralight C, Desfire EV1, Mifare Plus, Bluetooth and NFC technologies into one secure package. A SALTO mobile key cannot be duplicated, unlike mechanical keys or some RFID technologies, and its encrypted data transfer uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) AES 128 bit encryption opening procedures.


From the user’s side a confirmation message is received confirming that a new key has been sent to the user’s smartphone. They then open the SALTO JustIN key app on his or her phone and taps the start button displayed on the app. The app then prompts the user to present his phone to the lock whereby the lock and mobile key instantly verify access with each other, and the lock opens permitting the user to enter. Straight forward and simple wouldn’t you say?

SALTO mobile key, JustIN, means the end of lost key hassle expense and waste. It can be used on all main entrance doors, elevators, car park barriers, meeting rooms, lockers and anywhere else where access is required. It’s the ideal solution for any door where you need to control access particularly where remote workers are involved.

It gives you, the system manger, greater knowledge of who is where and when. It saves you money as no more need for keys, cards or fobs and it gives you greater user satisfaction and shows users that you have embraced new technologies.

One thing is for certain, the technology involved in mobile phones has developed so rapidly over the last few years that it was inevitable we’d all be dealing with smartphone access control before we knew it... So if you haven’t already started think about it maybe now’s the time.

To understand the full potential of JustIN Mobile Key solution in your organisation, please contact our access control team on 0113 273 0300 or email