Homage to graduate fashion week - locks and looks

Thursday, 21st May, 2015

Sizzling Summer Fashion - locks with looks!

As graduate fashion week is here AIT show you their best looks, trends, inspirations and access control picks for summer style and all year round safety.

AIT has made quite an impact in the access control industry this year. Their focus on high quality and timeless product drops as well as their stunning array of hand-held door furniture has resonated well with door access fans looking for an alternative to the normal array of traditional door furniture and access control in today’s market.

While AIT’s glass-inspired door furniture silhouettes nod to traditional door wear looks, the brand pushes itself forward with a contemporary palette of summery steels and naturally light knobs, barrels and push bars that you simply won’t find in any other brand out there.

Spring/summer 15 is no different and sees AIT launch, the XS4 Mini. With the appearance of elegance and style on the outside but with safety, state of the art technology and robust manufacturing on the inside, the XS4 Mini collection illustrates the dynamic nature of the door access function, freedom of movement and ease of use that security and access demand.

Since its inception back in S/S 14, the XS4 Mini is one of the brands most sought after seasonal capsules for any door collection.

The sleek plastic reader is available in two colours and comes with a wide choice of functional and stylish handles suitable for use on any type of door.

The XS4 Mini's compact size combined with a modern LED aesthetic also marks a new design language from AIT. Designed to take building security to a new level, XS4 Mini enables users to secure and control any door quickly and effectively. And installing XS4 Mini couldn’t be simpler.

More advanced than any other electronic lock on the scene, XS4 Mini has been designed to cover users’ security needs today and tomorrow. It cooperates perfectly with the SALTO Virtual Network and SALTO Wireless Network, as well as multiple types of RFID technology, including NFC so accentuates any access control solution beautifully!

Each season the XS4 Mini line is a near sell-out, drawing dedicated access control fans to its stylish lines and beautiful silhouettes, which they can’t wait to get their hands on as they are the hottest drops and best door furniture around! The XS4 Mini have done it again this year!

S/S 15 looks to be no different, with a jaw-dropping collection of technical door handle pieces that include new versions to the collection such as Salto SPACE, Salto JustIN’s and XS4 2.0!

Whilst the XS4 Mini line is still around this summer due to its strong look and function. This generation of door apparel jumps to tomorrow’s access control design standards and ensures that both your building’s security and visual appeal are taken to a new level. Welcome to SALTO from AIT. Welcome to a new design concept. 

The collection will be available in New York, Paris, London and any school, college, university or organisation if you wish NOW. Check out the full line here.

You want to be the most stylish in your sector and have the security to match, invest in door access this summer. The XS4 Mini will take you through season after season and year after year. Stable apparel for the style conscious establishment!

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