Guest Blog - Job-saving email security features

Friday, 20th May, 2016

Still cleaning up the mess from the last virus that got through to your end users? Having sleepless nights about how and when it might happen again?

…you need to look at our solution’s seven job-saving email security features below.

1. Not one, not two but three

Our solution uses three antivirus engines, which guarantees a 100% known virus detection rate. It also guarantees a 99% spam detection rate and service availability of 99.999%.

2. Email Continuity

Are your emails completely reliant on server uptime? Not anymore - use any device with a web browser to access your emails, meaning even when your server is down, your business can still operate as normal. By using Always-On email continuity ensures that your business doesn’t stop in the event of downtime.

3. Data leakage protection

Deploy searching of email bodies, attachments and headers for complete peace of mind. You can configure your policies to search for PCIDSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance or even check for confidential business information or customer databases. This is quick and easy to do via the management portal.

4. Advanced VB Checker

Our email filtering solutions already stops known viruses contained within Office Documents and pdfs, but now it also scans seemingly innocent VB code within them to proactively identify ‘suspicious behavior’. This means that even if a document doesn’t contain a virus, the solution can still identify code that performs potentially harmful actions, such as accessing the internet to download a virus, or accessing your customer’s hard drives to add, delete or amend files.

5. Advanced Threat Protection

Our customers get ATP as standard because viruses and spammers don’t attack you based on your package limitations. Using advanced policies, gives you advanced threat protection from the more sophisticated threats out there. This advanced tool can be configured to counter specific threats to your business.

6. 14-days email replay

Have your end users deleted a business critical email? Using a good email filtering systems means this isn’t a problem. Our customers know they can just login into their administration portal and release the email again, as the solution gives 14-days email replay as standard.

7. Platform independent

On O365? Lotus Notes? Exchange 2010? Recently moved from one to the other? It doesn’t matter, we work with them all.

To start saving time managing your organisation’s emails, give us a call to book a demonstration – we’ll walk you through the above features so you can see the benefits for yourself. Call 0113 273 0300.

If you’re not quite ready for a demo but would like to know more please visit the email section of our website click here 

By Yvonne Conway, FuseMail® UK