Guest Blog - I want access control but my buildings are remote

Friday, 11th November, 2016

This is a question that we hear regularly but there is a simple solution to it. Many companies, be they commercial manufacturing concerns or University campuses spread over large sites, want access control but they don’t want the disruption, inconvenience and sheer cost of a hard wired system. Nor do they need the instant reporting provided by a real time wireless system.

The answer is SALTO’s XS4 SVN data-on-card access control system. This is designed to work in a wire free environment so there is no need to hard wire. It allows you to control your entire building or group of buildings remotely and in almost real time through the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN).

This advanced software system allows stand-alone electronic door handles to read, receive and write information via its operating smart cards or ‘intelligent’ keys. This data is captured from the cards at SVN online IP Access points located at strategic points around the building or group of buildings. The “updating points” upload and download user related information that is then used to permit, control or deny access.

Simply by employees using their RFID cards on the network you distribute all the latest access information to the off-line stand-alone electronic door handles, including the data on deleted cards, while at the same time picking up electronic door handles data like opening events and battery status. SVN does this for every employee in the building or group of buildings and it can handle up to 4 million users and 64,000 doors in one system so no matter how large the site, it can handle it.

By Keith Carey, SALTO Systems Ltd 

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