Grow your business with modern security solutions

Tuesday, 13th June, 2017

It's not all about security

In the past, investment in security was often made reluctantly. After all, an investment in security was an investment to safeguard against an incident you hoped would never happen. There was no obvious ROI business case and old, disparate solutions were time consuming to manage. No wonder thorough investment in security has traditionally been at the bottom end of purchasing priority lists.

Today, integrated security solutions not only secure your property and people, they increase efficiencies and deliver powerful information helping grow your business.

 Let’s look at some ways in which growth can be achieved using access control and CCTV:

  • Automate lighting, heating, ventilation and AC using access control. As the first person enters an area, these facilities can be switched on and vice versa, switched off as the last person leaves.
  • Room utilisation. Monitor people flow in and out of an area and find out whether that large meeting room or lecture theatre really did need to be booked. Obtain the stats to truly understand your space utilisation, opening opportunities to rent out free space.
  • Monitor people flow to determine your busy and quiet periods, helping you roster your staff more efficiently.
  • Mobile apps allow monitoring and management of your security solution from anywhere
    • Remotely verify whether an alarm is genuine before sending someone to site
    • Receive an alert to your phone with live footage when someone is at your door, such as a delivery person, and then have the ability to unlock the door - all from one mobile app.
  •  Monitor and control elevator use – do you have able people constantly using the elevator to go or down just one floor?

These are just some of the ways modern security systems can cut costs and boost productivity, freeing up time and money, which can then be reinvested elsewhere in the business enabling continued growth.

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