Four alternative uses for CCTV cameras

Friday, 19th May, 2017

CCTV or video surveillance is all around us, protecting town centres, business premises and increasingly our homes.

CCTV systems are developing, like most technology, at a rapid pace and this is leading to some innovative and interesting uses. Below we have outlined some of our favourites.

  1. Production line monitoring
  2. Retail insights
  3. Crowd Control
  4. Traffic improvements

Production line monitoring – On automated production lines any small delay or blockage can cause extremely costly stoppages and bottlenecks, by using CCTV cameras to monitor each mechanical movement you will be able to quickly spot weak areas or where a failure has occurred and quickly fix. Using the replay facility in cameras will help engineers fault find or can be used to plan maintenance. Additionally cameras can be used to identify any potential health and safety problems, spotting hazards and rectifying them quickly so making production lines safer for staff.

Retail insights – As the retail landscape is becoming ever more competitive, storeowners are deploying CCTV to give them a better understanding of footfalls, how customers interact with store layouts, to discover which pay points are over or underutilised and how effective store signage is. It also helps show how busy (or not) stores are at different times of the day/week. These valuable insights will then be used to determine shop layouts, stock lines, staffing numbers, location and number of pay points needed and interestingly some retails use these insights to influence their Online stores stock ranges.

Crowd control – This is a challenging area for CCTV but in crowd control situations they play a valuable role in ensuring crowds are monitored and any high traffic areas such as entry/exit points run smoothly. The need for general crowd monitoring also needs to be balanced against the potential to be able to recognise or identify someone in the event of an incident, so careful thought needs to be put into where cameras are placed, what type of cameras are used and how they record.

Traffic improvements – CCTV is an ideal way to monitor busy junctions not only to understand traffic flows and peaks but as part of road traffic improvement schemes. Using cameras is much less labour intensive and more accurate than the old school way of someone sitting at the junction with a clipboard! So new junctions or road layouts can be planned based on very accurate data.

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