Five questions to ask yourself before selecting your attendance and engagement solution

Monday, 9th July, 2018

Read our solutions consultant Jon Harker's thoughts on what you should consider before seleting an attendance and engagement solution

Today, universities go to great lengths to attract new students with impressive campuses, exciting courses, graduate employability, a wide range of extracurricular activities and many other enticing benefits.  As well as being a valuable asset and addition to the university, each new student is likewise also a vital source of income and has the potential to improve the future of the university.

Retaining students and improving grades has now become an increasingly important function of the university.  The time old tested method of taking manual attendance and periodically reviewing grades would provide some, but limited insight into the development of a student.  Typically though this assessment was too little too late for an unhappy, struggling or often absent student.

Today’s technology though provides universities with the ability to stay ahead of any issues, helping to increase grades, maximising attendance and improving engagement.

As with the implementation of any new system there are many factors to consider, so to help you here are five things that we believe you should consider before selecting an attendance & engagement solution:

1.  Is it GDPR compliant?

As of May 2018 organisations are required by law to have certain processes and procedures in place when handling personal data and failure to do so can result in huge fines.  So making sure your chosen solution can handle these requirements is vitally important.

2.  Do you have any UKVI requirements?

If your organization has international students you will have to conform to Tier 4 UKVI requirements. In essence you have to provide accurate evidence that these international students are attending classes.  How does the attendance and engagement solution handle this and on inspection how easily can you extract this information?

3.  Cloud or server based?

An important consideration is whether to have your solution sitting on site or hosted in the cloud.  If it’s on-site then there is additional IT hardware and support to consider, with potential downtimes, upgrades and security vulnerabilities.  Cloud too has its own considerations such as network availibity, hosting and security responsibilities.  Which is best for you?

4.  What capture technology is available?

How does your organisation envisage capturing the data?  ID cards are commonplace today and are a suitable medium, but new technologies help reduce cheating the system, such as Bluetooth ibeacons and mobile apps.  Plus, working with a company that can integrate the solution with your access control can help improve this system and provide the most accurate results.

5.  What impact will this system have?

Every organisation wants to get the best value for money with a new system, they want it to have the highest impact and ultimately help retain and improve the grades and satisfaction of existing students.  The desired impact of choosing the right solution will be to improve the overall status of the organisation, making it more attractive, achieving a higher score and leaving happy and well educated students who will go on to make a difference in the world.  How can you ensure your system generates the biggest impact?

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