Delivering business services more effectively

Friday, 3rd February, 2017

A lot goes into running your business, not least all the different services and resources that you need to make your team’s working day run smoothly so they work as productively as possible.

Just think about a working day, you arrive at your place of work, enter the building, sign in, grab a coffee, fire up your computer, attend meetings, welcome visitors, write reports, print documents… you get the picture.

To do all this, you will have, more than likely, used an access control system (to enter the premises), used some sort of attendance recording solution. May be used a staff canteen to buy your coffee, pre-booked a meeting room using some sort of booking system, greeted and booked in your visitor, possibly giving them a visitor badge and you’ll have used a printer.

All these disparate systems working in isolation, supplied to you by numerous companies and all managed individually and likely by different departments.

So how cool would it be if you could have all these services from just one supplier?  We think the benefits are obvious, just one company for you to deal with, one that becomes a trusted extension to your business. Systems can be integrated so you have to spend less time managing them and more time on growing your business, staff have the tools they need to make their work life run smoother and using our visitor management solution, your visitors will always get a great first impression.

If you’d like to know more about all the services AIT can supply please take a moment to browse the website or give us a call for an informal chat about how we can help your business – 0113 273 0300